Your Boyfriend's birthday is this week_lowres

Boyfriend performs at One Eyed Jacks on Friday, Aug. 28.

Burlesque, Air Sex, drag performances and a cupcake bar - just a typical birthday party for Boyfriend. For the New Orleans rapper's third annual birthday show ("the most realized version yet") at 10 p.m. Friday, Aug. 28 at One Eyed Jacks (615 Toulouse St.), she invited Fleur De Tease, drag performer Vinsantos, and the choreographed making-love-out-of-nothing-at-all of Air Sex. Boyfriend's a Leo, and "Leos love attention," she says.

"When you're having your birthday, a lot of people - especially ladies - love to have their folks pass through and honor them on that special day, so I figure why not have them pay to come honor me and hold court on stage?" she says. "It's a little more extravagant, a little more off the wall."

[jump] Which is to say way more off the wall for any other kind of concert - Boyfriend's ferociously witty, sex positive raps meet a lingerie-clad, hair-in-rollers persona and anything-goes performance space she dubs "rap cabaret." 

"I never use the word 'rap' to describe what I do unless it's immediately followed by cabaret," she says. "Rap cabaret is this world I've created for myself. This show more than any other yet will have that element."

Boyfriend also will release her Risograph 'zine featuring printed lyrics - "They don't exist anywhere," she says. "I'd always been elusive about it. I figured it was time to relent." Also joining Boyfriend is singer Maggie Koerner and R&B duo Mulherin.

"People leave really fulfilled - they got some comedy, they got some dance, they got aroused, they're intrigued," Boyfriend says. "I think there's a mistake made in the music industry where you put six bands that sound the same on the bill, and by the time the headliner comes on you've heard that same song like, 20 times. That's not what I want out of a show. In many ways I'm just trying to give what I want: a variety show, a little razzle dazzle, some confetti, some boobies."

Tickets are $10.