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Boudin balls.

Boudin balls.
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  • Boudin balls.
Great piece

by Timothy W. Martin in The Wall Street Journal about two towns in Cajun country fussing over the title of "Boudin Capital of the World":

In April, Louisiana's state legislature bestowed the coveted mantle of Boudin Capital of the World on Scott, a bustling town of 8,600 on Interstate 10-the busy east-west highway linking Houston and New Orleans. It churns out 1.3 million pounds of the sausage a year. ...

But Scott's new title-which it uses for marketing purposes-has left a bad taste in the mouths of residents of Broussard, 12 miles to the southeast. They insist their town, population 7,600, is the Boudin Capital of the World-a title they say lawmakers gave them in the late 1970s. True, Broussard doesn't hold its annual boudin festival or crown a Boudin king anymore. But townspeople don't see that as a reason for the legislature to snub them.

"For some reason, Scott wants to be the Boudin capital, and they're trying to take our title. Doesn't hardly seem right," says Billy Billeaud, owner of a grocery store in Broussard.

And the comments section is a best-boudin debate.