The days are (slowly) warming up, which means more and more of us will spend time on our porches sipping a variety of beverages. Since we can’t (read: probably shouldn’t) drink cocktails from dawn until dusk every day, Lafayette-based soda company Swamp Pop has come to the rescue with their Louisiana-themed, bubbly, non-alcoholic elixirs.

Using incredibly unscientific measurements, three of the four charmingly-named sodas produced by Swamp Pop (Jean Lafitte Ginger Ale, you’re next!) were taste-tested to find which ones are perfectly refreshing, and which might deserve a pass.


Satsuma Fizz: A perfectly perky orange color, the Satsuma Fizz tastes like a lighter, crisper version of a Sunkist-without all the weird, cloying aftertaste. Refreshing with almost floral notes, it would not only make a great porch swing drink but an excellent mixer.

Praline Cream Soda: Once you pop the top on this soda, the overpowering aroma of brown sugar and pecan is sure to entice those with a serious sweet tooth. (I would be hard pressed, though, to drink more than one bottle and I have a high sugar tolerance.) The soda is thick, rich, and creamy, with also a dessert like quality that makes it a nice afte- dinner drink. It would also make an excellent marinade for pork.

Noble Cane Soda: The standout of the bunch, this take on a traditional herbal cola adds in one of Louisiana’s most under-appreciated fruits, the fig. The Noble Cane Soda strikes just the perfect balance between thirst-quenching and fruity, with honey undertones and a decidedly rustic, woodsy aftertaste.

Swamp Pop can be found all across the city, and here’s a handy map for helping locate it.