The game of musical chairs continues at St. Roch Market (2381 St. Claude Ave., 504- 609-3813) where two new food vendors have been added to the mix of food and beverage stalls. Fritai and T2 Street Food replace Korean-Creole stand Koreole and the PDR, both of which departed the market earlier this month. 

Fritai serves Haitian-inspired dishes and is the project of partners Charly Pierre and Eva Chereches. The couple recently moved to New Orleans from Boston, but Pierre is of Haitian decent, and says the recipes at their stall are influenced by the traditional Haitian dishes he ate as a child.

[jump] “I’ve grown up with the culture - my mother cooked the same the Haitian dinner every Sunday,” says Pierre, who in the past has worked both front and back of the house positions as a chef, server and restaurant manager and also dabbles in hip-hop music production.

“Growing up, we ate a lot of fried pork and fried plantains," Pierre says. "We serve the pork with pikliz, which is like a spicy relish with carrots and cabbage, Scotch bonnet peppers and some vinegar.”  

Menu items include legumes, which Pierre related to a Southern preparation for collard greens. It features smothered spinach and mirliton with carrots, cooked down with roasted pork shoulder. There also are fried wings served with green onions, mango, Scotch bonnet peppers, and a take on red beans and rice cooked with pork broth and red kidney beans.

Fritai’s signature sandwich swaps out plantains for bread and includes avocado spread, roasted pork shoulder and pikliz garnish.

Tung Nguyen, whose family owns Thanh Thanh (131 Huey P. Long Ave., 504-368-8678) in Old Gretna, runs T2, a Vietnamese street food-inspired concept.

Its menu includes Vietnamese classics such as pho bowls made with beef eye round and a vegan version featuring tofu and vegetables, and banh mi filled with roasted pork belly, pate, aioli, pickled vegetables, jalapenos and spicy ponzu sauce (a vegetarian version with fried tofu also exists). 

A selection of steamed bao includes a version made with roasted chicken, aioli and slaw and a vegetarian medley made with stir-fried mushrooms, cucumbers, pickled root vegetables, fried onions, cilantro and spicy ponzu. There also are seafood roti, including a version called the Frank Davis, which features seared redfish, Sriracha aioli and slaw. 

Both vendors will be open for lunch and dinner, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

For more information, visit the market's website, here.