What do you give yourself for a third anniversary?_lowres


We've talked a little about what we should do on the blog to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of The Thing come Friday, and have arrived to no great conclusion. Me, I think we should all just go about our business. Grieve if we feel like it; go to church or synagogue if we feel like it; gather with friends if we feel like it. Just do what feels right for us.

I looked up the traditional gift for a third anniversary:

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Leather

Modern Anniversary Gift: Crystal/Glass

Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Luggage

Luggage. Luggage.


We all know the drill -- something to watch, those are just the models, don't panic, pay attention, make sure your plans are tight, blah blah blah. But every cell in my body is just screaming: Why? But of course it doesn't work that way.

So I check GulfCoastWx (a great homegrown weather blog), and its new dedicated Hurricane Gustav page, and I make the list in my head. Important papers in the Sterilite boxes. Get the cat his up-to-date shots tomorrow. Make sure computer is backed up. Refill tranquilizers.

Maybe the best thing we can do for the 3rd anniversary is just make sure we're ready...to give ourselves the gift of luggage, well-packed.