The future home of the Joint on Mazant Street.
  • Courtesy of the Joint
  • The future home of the Joint on Mazant Street.

The Joint is now counting the last days before making a long-planned move. It’s a big change for the popular Bywater barbecue restaurant, but it won’t be a very far one.

This Monday, Jan. 30, will be the last day of business for the Joint on Poland Avenue, and owners Jenny and Pete Breen plan to reopen the following Saturday, Feb. 4, at 701 Mazant St., a building they bought just four blocks from their original location.

“We’re really focused to keep the same feel of the place, because everyone hates it when their favorite place moves and it changes,” says Jenny Breen.

The couple first opened the Joint in 2004, taking over the address that was previously Palmer’s Jamaican Restaurant. The humble, low-slung, cinderblock building actually inspired the name the Breens chose for their restaurant.

The new restaurant will have a much larger kitchen and more storage space, which the owners say they need to keep up with their expanded catering and festivals work. The dining room will also be bigger, and the newly renovated Bywater building features a great deal of original and re-purposed woodwork.

The interior of the new location features much original woodwork.

“When we were working on it, we stripped the place down and it looked so pretty we just decided to go with it like this,” Breen says.

There’s a full bar in the work for this new Joint, though with its liquor license still pending the restaurant will likely be BYOB when it first reopens. The new bar itself is made of pecan, which not coincidentally is the wood the Joint uses in its smoker. That smoker, a giant, custom-built contraption, will be making the trip to Mazant Street too.

Pecan-smoked ribs from the Joint.

“We’ll keep the menu the same to start and once we get settled in we want to add some things to it, like cornbread and more fresh sides,” Breen says.

Seasonal pies could be on the way too, she says. But fans of the Joint’s current desserts should be reassured that the peanut butter pie is always in season.

The Joint

801 Poland Ave., 949-3232 (current address)

701 Mazant St., 949-3232 (new address beginning Feb. 4)