Celebrate Mardi Gras with a David Vitter koozie_lowres


If you didn't happen to catch a koozie on the parade route last weekend - or if you're the only person in Louisiana who doesn't have a Cool Whip container full of old koozies shoved into the back of a cabinet - Sen. David Vitter (and presumptive gubernatorial frontrunner) has just the thing for you. For a $10 donation to David Vitter for Louisiana, you can get your own Vitter coozie in pale purple:

That's cutting it close - Mardi Gras is less than 10 hours away - but maybe if you hurry...

Vitter's fundraising letter under the jump.


Friend -

Mardi Gras is an exciting time, and whether you will be celebrating on the parade route tomorrow or relaxing with family and friends, you are certain to enjoy this special holiday.

Did you know that Republican Governor Henry C. Warmoth signed the “Mardi Gras Act” in 1875, declaring Fat Tuesday a legal holiday in Louisiana? We are blessed to live in a state with such a rich history and culture.

In preparation for Mardi Gras, I wanted to offer you the first chance to order one of my exclusive Mardi Gras koozies, only available to my online friends. To take advantage of this special offer, just click here to chip-in $10 and receive your own David Vitter Mardi Gras koozie!