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From left, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, Andre Moreau, Natasha Williams, Mark Ballard and candidate Eddie Rispone on set before the start of the 2019 Louisiana Governor's runoff debate, Wednesday, October 30, 2019, at Louisiana Public Broadcasting in Baton Rouge, La.

National political blogger and Esquire writer Charles Pierce joins the chorus of those calling Wednesday night's gubernatorial debate between Gov. John Bel Edwards and challenger Eddie Rispone a disaster.

"On Wednesday night, while Game Seven was in commercial," Pierce writes, "I switched over to Louisiana Public Broadcasting to catch some of the debate between Edwards and Rispone. I thereupon missed most of the middle innings because I couldn't look away. Some debates are car wrecks. This was Figure-8 racing from Islip, Long Island. Every candidate cranks up the old fog machine in the latter stages of a campaign, but Rispone's is a threat to commercial aviation."

Pierce adds, "The man knows nothing about government. Not in the sense of 'unfamiliar with the nuances of how political institutions operate,' but in the sense of 'ab-so-fcking-lute-ly nothing.'"

Opinions on Rispone and Edwards aside, there seems to be bipartisan agreement that this debate — hosted by Louisiana Public Broadcasting and the Council for a Better Louisiana — was the worst of the cycle. Gambit political editor Clancy DuBos called it "a colossal bust, the political equivalent of a food fight, thanks to the moderators’ abject failure to keep the event on track," and the twitterati seemed to agree:

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