Dong Phuong king cakes now sold only at New Orleans East bakery_lowres

Following reports of king cake 'scalping,' king cakes from Dong Phuong restaurant and bakery are now only sold on-site at their New Orleans East location.

Starting Thursday (Feb. 1), Dong Phuong (14207 Chef Menteur Highway, 504-254-1568) king cakes will be sold only at the New Orleans East bakery, the owners said.

[jump] The announcement came from the Vietnamese restaurant and bakery’s owners on Wednesday amid rumors of the popular Carnival cakes being scalped, or hawked for hiked-up prices. The bakery sells its classic cinnamon king cake for $14 and flavored versions for $16.

The news comes on the heels of a big feat for the local bakery. Last week, the restaurant and bakery was name the recipient of a prestigious James Beard Foundation America’s Classics award. Since then, social media posts have shown lines stretching around the Chef Menteur Highway restaurant for the coveted cakes.

On Wednesday, a commenter on who identified themselves as DongPhongDriver, said the owners had received reports of the cakes being scalped, forcing the restaurant to “do a per person limit at retail,” and also noted that “multiple fist fights,” had been reported at locations offering the bakery's cakes.

“We are sorry about this, but the thing I don't think people understand is that we are a small bakery everything is done by hand,” the user wrote.

The cakes can be pre-ordered online on the restaurant's website here.