A satanic minion presides over the gates of the House of Shock.
  • A satanic minion presides over the gates of the House of Shock.

One of the more memorable quotes in Gambit from a local musician came from Pantera lead singer Phil Anselmo (in Alison Fensterstock's cover story about New Orleans' metal scene):

"[New Orleans] sucks you in, man," Anselmo says. "There's no place like it; there never will be. We might be the next Atlantis, but till that time comes, I will sit back in a recliner, and in a couple of years, they can find my skeleton underneath all that water with a Saints shirt on and a fleur de lis tattooed on what's left of my flesh. I'm stayin'."

Anselmo also is one of the founders of the House of Shock haunted house in Jefferson, the first iteration of which was in Jay Gracinette's backyard 20 years ago. For all the occult themes and satanic images, however, the metal rockers behind House of Shock are hardcore fans of the New Orleans Saints. Their pyrotechnics team was very proud to produce the pyrotechnic display at the Saints' 2010 NFC championship game in the Superdome.

House of Shock co-founder Ross Karpelman related to Gambit this week that one of his favorite memories from the house of horrors followed a Saints game. After the team crushed the San Francisco 49ers in the Superdome, Kyle Turley came to the haunted house and mounted the castle precipice above the entrance. He brought with him a 49ers jersey, and they burned it while the crowd below went wild in celebration.

The House of Shock presents free music outside the attraction, and Sunday (Oct. 28) features The Kyle Turley Band. And because no one wants to miss the game against the Denver Broncos, it'll be on a large screen outside the attraction.