As usual during these three-day weekends, the Upper Quarter will be closed to pedestrian traffic during certain hours, and the NOPD has issued its usual advisory.

The boiled-down version: Quarter closed between Canal and Dumaine after 9 pm nightly. No special street passes issued, so if you have to get into the Upper Quarter because you live or work there, bring an ID or figure out a way to let the cop at the checkpoint know you need to get in. Happy Fourth, Happy Essence.

The NOPD notice below the jump ...

In an effort to reduce excessive traffic throughout the French Quarter area, the Eighth District New Orleans Police Department will enact a partial street closure during the 2010 Essence Festival. The closure will be effective Friday, July 2, 2010 and continue through Sunday, July 4, 2010.

The times of the street closure shall commence from 9:00 PM until 5:00 AM on each the above mentioned days (Friday, July 2nd; Saturday, July 3rd; and Sunday, July 4th). The areas for this street closure shall be as follows: Canal to North Rampart, North Rampart to Dumaine and Dumaine to Decatur, thus going back to Canal St.

Additionally, no vehicular traffic will be allowed to cross Bourbon Street from Iberville to Dumaine St. This is done for safety reasons as to not expose the higher than normal pedestrian traffic on Bourbon St.with crossing vehicles.

Therefore, if you reside on the lake side of Bourbon St. please ensure that you enter from that side of the French Quarter to gain entry to your residence; this also applies to those residing on the river side

of Bourbon St in the French Quarter as well. Should you have or encounter any extenuating circumstances, there will be officers assigned to most of the barricades to assist you. There will be no

access passes issued for this event, therefore it is important that you be prepared to show proof of residency (drivers license...etc) or if an employee provide some form of employee identification such as

work tag or uniform at any of these junctures. Taxis and livery services will be allowed into these affected areas with respect to not crossing Bourbon St at above mentioned areas.