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Elizabeth Rose brings Lovely Picnic to the Fringe.

Elizabeth Rose brings Lovely Picnic to the Fringe.
  • Elizabeth Rose brings Lovely Picnic to the Fringe.

The New Orleans Fringe Festival starts tonight. There's a preview and some recommendations in Gambit this week. One can also go to the Fringe website and see a brief preview of all shows. If you follow the links, many of the performing groups have their own websites and some have video teasers and trailers for their shows. After the jump are trailers for many of the shows recommended in Gambit and a few others that I hope to see. One of the more amusing trailers is the interactive YouTube preview for Liebe Love Amour!, which works like a choose your own plot novel. You talk with the show's star Tall Hilda, and clicking answers to her questions leads to more videos and more revelations and questions.

"Under the Skiff" excerpt from Jennifer Sargent on Vimeo.

Under the Skiff

Jenny Sargent brought the show Canarsie Suite to the 2009 Fringe. It was an entertaining vaudevillian style comedy with lots of physical comedy. She's back with this more absurdist and comic show about two women trapped in an immigration office, trying to get their papers approved.

The Rub

The Tremor Theatre Collective created this surreal reworking of Hamlet. Instead of Prince Hamlet coping with the death of his father, it features a generation of young people looking at the corrupted world they are inheriting, with references to the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street.

The Collector is a show from San Diego's Animal Cracker Conspiracy. It's about a debt collector who comes to not like his job or his employer, and it incorporates puppets, toy theater and film. There's a video preview on the group's website here.

The group that presented Mephisto in the 2010 Fringe returns with a Medea, an adaptation of Euripides' version. Like Mephisto, it's a one-woman show incorporating dance, martial arts-like movement, some dialogue and colorful masks and props. A video preview is available on their website.

Liebe Love Amour!

This show is billed as a "live film." Tall Hilda looks like she is starring in an old black and white Hollywood film. And it's an interactive show incorporating live filming. I am not sure how that will work out, but you can go to their website, start the video and by becoming one of her lovers can click through a conversation had in pieces on YouTube. Go ahead, tell her you loved her but were afraid you'd scare her away... click here.

Tar Baby

Desiree Burch performed the comic monologue about dating, 52 Man Pick-up, at the 2010 Fringe. She returns with this show about racial stereotypes.


Los Angeles comedy troupe Ten West presents this comedy about coping with death.