Newcomb Art Museum was named Louisiana's 2017 Best Gallery or Museum by the American Art Awards. The award recognized Newcomb for its "interdisciplinary collaborations, innovative programs that engage communities both on and off campus, and shows that pay tribute to their historical legacy."

Corey Stewart, a Republican candidate for governor of Virginia, caught national flak for a series of tweets in which he said "Nothing is worse than a Yankee telling a Southerner that his monuments don't matter" and compared New Orleans removing statues honoring white supremacists to ISIS. (Stewart is from Minnesota.)

Orleans DA Leon Cannizzaro's and Jefferson DA Paul Connick's offices have been sending fake subpoenas to potential witnesses in an attempt to convince them to talk to prosecutors and investigators. Orleans DA subpoenas threatened penalties for noncompliance; Jefferson's did not. Several legal experts said the practice is unethical, if not illegal. A spokesman for Cannizzaro initially defended the prac-tice, but the office later said it would stop. Connick's office also said it would quit using fake subpoenas, which are not signed by a judge and are not enforceable.