Jim Donelon,

Louisiana's commissioner of insurance, last week ordered all property-insurance companies doing business in Louisiana to extend from one year to two years the period in which policyholders can file a lawsuit as a result of disputed Hurricane Katrina claims. Most property and casualty claims must be filed within one year of the date of loss. Donelon's order requires companies to file stipulations with his office giving policyholders until Aug. 30, 2007, to file suit with regard to Katrina property damages.

Recall Corporation,

a records storage and information management company, helped clean up historic Taylor Playground in Central City last Wednesday (July 11). The playground and several of its key structures were swamped by 6 feet of water during Hurricane Katrina. More than 200 Recall volunteers from around the country joined local volunteers from Tulane University Hospital & Clinic and workers from Criminal Sheriff Marlin Gusman's office and NORD staff members to clean up one of the city's oldest playgrounds.

Sheriff Jack Strain

of St. Tammany Parish offended minorities and many others recently when, reacting to a spate of violent crimes, he said people who "walk the streets of St. Tammany Parish with 'chee-weez' and 'dread locks' — can expect to be questioned by sheriff's deputies." Strain says his comments about the hairstyles were taken out of context because he was talking about a murder investigation. However, as someone whose duty is to protect all St. Tammany citizens, he could have gotten his point across without igniting racial tensions.

David Reed,

a local contractor and the uncle of New Orleans First City Court Judge Angelique Reed, used a pair of Orleans Parish Prison inmates to work on his niece's Uptown home last week. The workers were provided by a local job-training program whose executive director says he did not know the inmates were going to the judge's home. The judge says she also did not know that prison workers were sent to her home, which she has not occupied since it was damaged during Hurricane Katrina.