The Lens: Latest storm-surge maps show shocking scenarios for south Louisiana _lowres

Image from NOAA shows maximum predicted storm surge from a worst-case Category 3 hurricane.

Six feet of water in the streets of ... Baton Rouge?

The latest National Weather Service map shows worst-case storm surge scenarios in Louisiana, and the predictions are downright shocking, according to a report by The Lens writer Bob Marshall.

The map shows the potential of a Category 3 hurricane drowning of the entire bottom of Louisiana’s “boot” under a surge greater than nine feet, as far north as Baton Rouge.

The map, posted at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s GeoPlatform website, shows scenarios for hurricanes from Categories 1-5.

Areas inside levee systems, such as greater New Orleans, aren’t included because the model could not predict whether the protection would be overtopped, The Lens report says.

See The Lens story for an explanation of how the predictions were reached.