The Bossier Parish Police Jury has adopted a new rate structure that could save money for sewer customers.

Officials said that a household using 11,000 gallons of water per month during the summer could save nearly $12.50 on sewer bills for each of those months — June, July and August.

The change was adopted Tuesday.

It means parish sewer district customers will be billed monthly on an average water usage between Sept. 15 and March 15 instead of on per-month usage.

Parish officials say customers currently pay $30 for the first 2,000 gallons of water used then $2.50 for each subsequent 1,000 gallons.

The rate is expected to be applied to the next billing cycle.

Public utilities director Larry Landry says the parish needs about $40 per household to maintain service and pay off debt incurred to create the sewer district.

He said an analysis of the rate structure shows Bossier should receive an average of $42 per household under the revised rate structure.

“With this new rate, the money will be there to cover our expenses.” Landry said.

The rolling average would be reassessed in April to be applied for the next year, he said.

Bossier has two outstanding bonds being paid off with sewer rate revenue. They include a $17.75 million loan from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and $11.8 million in revenue bonds.