Donald Trump’ campaign recently began using new security tactics at rallies and events, including one in New Orleans interrupted by protests, according to a report.

Two members of Trump’s security team wore street clothes to his New Orleans rally Friday, Politico reported. Those two guards helped to remove activists who linked arms and began chanting “Black lives matter,” derailing the speech as Trump heckled the protesters and yelled, “Get them.”

Trump’s new security measures represent an effort “to control the atmosphere and message of his often unruly rallies,” Politico reported.

One of the plainclothes guards told Politico that his duties now focus on researching potential protesters and assisting uniformed security.

Trump’s security team also used plainclothes guards at a rally in Concord, North Carolina Monday, which also saw protesters.

Trump's campaign spokeswoman did not respond to Politico's questions about the new security measures.

Read the full Politico report here.