Louisiana recently ranked first in the nation in a study analyzing derogatory language on social media.

From June 2014 to December 2015, ABODO, a Madison, Wisconsin-based apartment search startup, analyzed state-by-state usage rates of “derogatory and prejudiced language” on Twitter. The study included “slurs and other prejudiced language against black people, Hispanic/Latino people, women, gays and lesbians, transgender people, people with disabilities, and the overweight.”

Louisiana ranked first in the study, with approximately 1 in 87 tweets containing that language, ABODO reported.

Louisiana’s largest city also ranked among the top cities for anti-black tweets, the study found. New Orleans ranked third, behind Baltimore and Atlanta, with about 66 in 100,000 tweets containing racial slurs against black people.

New Orleans also ranked first in sexist language among U.S. cities, and Baton Rouge placed third in the same category, according to the study.

See the full results from the study here.