L’erin Dobra, the Prairieville mother who threw what may be history’s first Morris Bart-themed party for her 2-year-old son’s birthday, is taking the toddler’s fascination with the personal injury attorney to the next level.

In the midst of a viral media run that has gone nation- and worldwide, Dobra told the New York Daily News that her son, Grayson, has yet to meet his hero. She’s using that fact as enticement to help Grayson along with his potty training.

“Mr. Bart has been so nice this whole process and he’s extended the offer [to meet] my son many times,” she told the Daily News. “We are starting potty training and what better way to teach him than to let him know if he does, he’ll meet Bart.”

Among the national and international media that have featured the story: The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, E! Online, the Wall Street Journal, TIME, Woman’s Day and People Magazine.