MONROE — After the recent abduction and assault of a student at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, university police said they are increasing patrol efforts on campus.

Lt. Steve Mahon, acting director of the ULM Police Department, said all officers have since been assigned patrol responsibilities.

Mahon said officers are focusing on areas around dormitories and classrooms.

“We’re at maximum efforts,” Mahon said. “Every available patrol asset I have is out patrolling.”

Students should take certain safety precautions when on campus, Mahon said, including calling police about suspicious vehicles or persons in the area, using the buddy system when walking around campus and reporting any broken lights on campus so they can be repaired as soon as possible.

ULM police are available to escort students around campus any time day or night.

Other security measures already in place around campus include 300 access-controlled doors, more than 20 emergency call boxes and 850 security cameras.

Police still are investigating the reported abduction and off-campus assault of a student from the ULM campus, which occurred Friday morning.

The incident reportedly took place outside Hemphill Hall when an unidentified male, claiming to have a gun, approached the female victim.

The man directed the female to a location off campus where she was assaulted. The victim was then returned to campus and later was taken to the hospital.