A same-sex Houma couple claims it was declined service at an area bakery that discovered the couple's order was intended for their wedding.

"Caro's Cakes and Catering In Houma just refused to even sit down and discuss a cake for a wedding between two females," Sarah Matherne posted on her Facebook page.

Matherne told the Houma Courier that she called Caro's this past Wednesday to setup an appointment. When the bakery found out Matherne was calling about a cake for her and her bride, Jenita Billiot, it declined the couple's request to meet.

Duane Caro, the bakery's owner, said on Monday he hoped the controversy around the story would calm down.

“My intent was not to hurt anybody, but just to be true to God and my Catholic faith. I'd like to thank everyone for their prayers," Caro told The Courier. "Please continue to pray for healing for ourselves and our nation.”

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