America’s first slave museum, the Whitney Plantation in Wallace, and the odd circumstances that led to its establishment are profiled in The New York Times Magazine.

The article describes how the plantation, 35 miles west of New Orleans on River Road, was built — “largely in secret and under decidedly unorthodox circumstances.”

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The museum lies on property where slaves toiled for more than 100 years, in a state where the Confederate flag is commonly flown, the story says.

The Times piece details how New Orleans native and resident John Cummings came to buy the property after environmentalists and preservationists defeated plastics giant Formosa’s plans to build a $700 million Rayon factory there. Formosa had proposed building “a token museum of Creole culture” to appease protestors. But Rayon went out of fashion, and Formosa put the property back on the market.

See the New York Times Magazine story here.