While celebrities might be used to reading the nice and not-so-nice comments posted about them on social media, it’s not always that easy for the rest of the population. But some University of Louisiana at Lafayette professors recently braved the possible criticism and read some of their reviews from the “Rate My Professors” website, a la Jimmy Kimmel's “mean tweets” series.

Some of the reviews were complimentary. “Very nice and doesn’t shoot your work down like target practice,” architecture and design professor Kiwana T. McClung read.

Others offered some practical advice for the professor’s class, no matter how common sense it might seem.

“The only way to pass the class is to do all the homework,” one review of physics professor Dr. Natalia Sidorovskaia said.

“What do you do in other classes?” Sidorovskaia deadpanned.

Some reviews had little to do with a professor’s teaching style and more to do with, well, other attributes.

“Dr. Carriker is awesome. He makes history easy to understand. Also, did anyone else find him strangely attractive?” history professor Robert Carriker read with a laugh.

“Sort of cute like a giant bear and always smells nice,” visual arts professor Jamie Baldridge read.

Watch the full video below.