Rapper Boosie says he'll never move back to La.; 'Most rappers die in their own city. It's a fact' _lowres

Baton Rouge rapper Boosie Badazz.

Rapper Boosie is a Baton Rouge and Louisiana native, but don't expect him to be a local anytime in the future.

In an interview with VLADTV that was published today, the oft-troubled rapper went on to explain why his fear of being framed by police — and local "haters" — has him never planning on moving back to Louisiana.

My past is too strong out there. You gotta understand, I had a big problem with the court system. District attorneys and prosecutors, a lot of people was trying to take my life as far as in the court system.... I was childish. I made songs about public officials and things like that. Those people don't forget that and I don't trust people like that. It's nothing for them for me to be riding down the street and they just stop and throw a gun in my car. Convicted felon with a firearm. That's how I think. I had the biggest case (Boosie was found not guilt of first-degree murder in 2012). They spent millions of dollars on my case and lost. I'm a problem to these people. I called officers names and these people don't forget that.

Boosie claimed police would pull him over "every day" and came to his house to steal his belongings and rings. But a glut of the interview focused on how he has to fear for his life when he goes back to his hometown because of jealous locals.

Most rappers die in their own city. It's a fact. You have haters that were in school with you and they're mad because they were in that same third grade class with you, but they don't have the same hustle as you. They hate for no reason. They hate your for your success. If you was a local rapper and didn't have much success, they'd love you. You develop hatred in your own city. You go to Canada, you go to New York and you're from Louisiana, you don't have people want to hurt you because they don't know you. They don't know you. That's why I decided to move to Atlanta. if I'm dealing with music, this is the place I need to be. Everybody rides foreign cars out here. I haven't been pulled over since I been out here, except to take a picture and give an autograph...l advise everybody, once they get money, get out they city.

He also explained that he isn't the only Louisiana rapper who has decided to leave the state.

That's how it is in Louisiana. If you go back, all of Louisiana's rappers, the Big Tymers, they were ran out of Louisiana because of hatred. Baby and Wayne. Hatred. Master P. They ran them out the country club. Just hatred. C-Murder, he's in prison. Mack (Maine). He's in prison. It's just not a place to be. There's a lot going on in that state that's not 100, that's not fair...Everything. It's a hard state. I just wasn't with it and I'll never move back down there. I would never move back into that. I would be crazy for moving back to Baton Rouge. It won't happen. I'll just go down there if I gotta do a show, get my money and I'm gone.

The roughly 14-minute interview went deep into his dismay over the rapper's hometown, doubling down on the negative sentiment he expressed to Rolling Stone in 2015.

I would never live in Baton Rouge again. My past is too strong for me to go live down there. ... That’s my hometown, ‘cause I love it, that’s where I’m from. But me living there, associating with people out there, that’s not going to happen," Boosie told Rolling Stone last June.

Boosie later clarified that Baby wasn't "run out" of Louisiana, but that he — like a lot of other local rappers — leave for their own safety. The interview also alluded to Souljah Slim, a New Orleans rapper who was killed in the Gentilly neighborhood in 2003.

In New Orleans, somebody is gonna try you. I don't care who you is, these dudes on that H out there, these dudes gonna try you. So you gotta be out of sight and out of mind for these guys man. I got millions why would I surround myself with people who are after me for no reason? Baby done been going through that since he was in New Orleans...What I'm speaking is facts. Those are the guy who wanna hurt you. Those guy who been looking at you your whole life and building up envy. They build up envy to the point where they can't do nothing now. They can't stop you from getting money, you don't want to be their friend or associate, you can't go into their crew and get any kind of money, they're too big for you to even try to beef with, so, you know what? I'll just take your life. That's how the crooks look at it. Evil get in them so much to where they say 'I just want to see them dead. That's the only way we can get rid of him.'