'Where is the Internet?': Find out the top strange Google searches for each state _lowres

Estately sponsored map of searches in all 50 states.

Texas wants to know where the Internet is, and Florida is curious why it's so hated. No, seriously.

That is, at least according to a recent study done by real estate company Estately, which analyzed Google searches in each state since 2004. The results reportedly show the searches each state Googles more frequently than the other 49 states and the District of Columbia.

So what does this study say Louisiana is more curious about than any other state?

The questions are: When is Wrestlemania? ... What is Scientology? ... When is hurricane season?

"Americans have no shortage of questions, and the internet no shortage of answers," wrote Estately in its post on the results.

"Here at Estately, we were determined to find out what questions internet users in each state asked more frequently than others. What we uncovered was both inspiring and depressing."

Louisiana's results were admittedly less interesting than many others on the list, which can be read in full here.

Here are a few of the more curious searches:

  • Arkansas: "Who won the Civil War"... "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
  • Colorado: "Where is Waldo?"
  • Florida: "Why does everyone hate Florida" ... "When is Opposite Day?"
  • Idaho: "Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer?"
  • Kansas: "How to make meth?" ... "What is Syria?"
  • Montana: "How to move to Canada?"
  • South Carolina: "Where is my phone?" ... "Is Google making us stupid?"
  • South Dakota: "Why is my poop green?" ... "Who let the dogs out?"
  • Texas: "Where is the Internet?" ... "When is Jesus coming?" ... "Do girls poop?"
  • West Virginia: "When is Cinco de Mayo?" ... "Are zombies real?" ... "Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?"
  • Wyoming: "What is Wyoming?"