The merry Knights of Momus, for the 144th time, recreated their traditional ceremony of the scrolls Thursday evening when they staged their 2015 bal masque at the LaSalle Ballroom of the InterContinental New Orleans. 

As is the custom at the ball of this krewe, the stage was dominated by Momus’s famous slogan “Dum Vivimus Vivamus” which means “While We Live, Let Us Live”.

Seated on the royal dais with Momus, the god of mirth and mockery, was Miss Jordan Elizabeth Devlin, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clay Sutton Devlin, who was chosen to rule over the evening’s festivities. 

Maids to her majesty were Misses Catherine Crawford Adams, daughter and stepdaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Roland Adams III and daughter of Mrs. Joshua Edward Lowentritt; Patricia McCarthy Beron, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Edouard Beron; Eleanor Brennan Davis, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. William Edward Davis III; Margaret Coco Ellis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Conner Ellis III;  Christina Ann Ewin, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Scott Ewin and grandddaughter of Dr. Dabney Minor Ewin and the late Mrs. Ewin;  Miss Courtney Cooke Geary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Cooke Geary; Elizabeth Ashland Hines, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Hugh Hines; Isabel Nott Jackson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Harris Jackson; Rebecca Buckley Lapeyre, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Charles Lapeyre; Karoline Havens Mallette Patrick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Joseph Patrick; and Catherine Turner Worley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bruce Worley Jr.

Once the court was on the dais, last year’s queen, Miss Claire Elizabeth Plauche, was presented to their majesties and given a bouquet of red roses.

 Armed with the regal scroll bearing the name of the demoiselle who was to reign as royalty for the evening, Mr. Michael Kevin Fitzpatrick, general chairman of the ball, headed to the call-out section to search for Miss Devlin.  Once located , she was presented with the document declaring her queen of the ball.

A crown, on which the Momus crest glowed softly, was placed on the young queen’s head.  Placed upon her shoulders, atop a traditional white ball gown, was a mantle of gold lamé bearing the crest of the Knights of Momus and adorned with Austrian crystal rhinestones and sequins.  The queen was then presented with the traditional cascade bouquet of white orchids.

In the wake of the captain of the krewe came the dukes, each carrying a scroll bearing the name of a young lady who would be a maid on the court for the ball.  Again, there was a search in the call-out section.  After the young ladies had been located, they were presented with their scrolls and the traditional cascade bouquets of yellow cymbidium orchids.

Immediately following the ball was an impromptu supper honoring the queen and her royal entourage.