The Krewe of Janus remembered some of the more memorable and entertaining moments of the past year during its Carnival ball held Saturday evening in the Armstrong Ballroom of the Sheraton New Orleans.

Uniquely able to gaze into the past and the future, the god of beginnings began the ball with a nod to the past and a tribute to the royal Court of 2014.

The dramatic entrance of the captain was followed by the parade of festive krewe members who then heralded the entrance of the masked lieutenants.

The two-headed Roman deity then turned his focus to the present with the introduction of his majesty Janus 2015, who made a regal appearance accompanied by the ladies of his royal court.

Reigning as queen of the ball was Miss Chandler Nicole Beninate, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Beninate.

Her majesty wore a gown of gold and white lace, with a traditional waistline and a sweetheart neckline. Her entire gown was embellished with Austrian rhinestones and a unique gold rhinestone applique at her waist. Her royal purple heirloom mantle was decorated with gold and silver sequin appliques, worn with a Medici collar trimmed with Austrian rhinestones and drop crystals. Her majesty carried the regal Janus scepter and wore the queen’s traditional heirloom crown.

The queen’s royal court included maids Misses Jenna Danielle Jurisich, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jurisich; Camille Bianca Brannon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brannon; Katie Ann Bertucci, daughter of Ms. Rebecca Bertucci and the late Mr. Daniel Bertucci; Julia Ann Giacona, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Giacona II; and Margaret Adele Conrad, daughter of Drs. Kevin Conrad and Marianne Maumus.

True to its tradition, the krewe entertained its guests with a set of humorous skits to commemorate some of the significant events of the past year, including the frequent travels of the governor and the emergence of social issues in professional sports. Janus also presented its unique solution to problems facing higher education.

Following the skits, the king and queen made a special presentation to the queen of the 2014 ball, Miss Mariana Elena Tumminello. The krewe also recognized Mrs. Alma Dickey Clasen on the 50th anniversary of her reign as queen.

The ball’s finale was an energetic musical farewell to notable figures fading from the public eye.

After the traditional callout dances, Janus hosted his subjects at a champagne reception in the King’s Room.

Orchestre de Carnival provided the musical accompaniment for the tableau. Later in the evening Crescent City Soul entertained Janus and his guests.

Mr. Ron Bordelon was chairman of the reception committee and Mr. David Willem was vice chairman. The court committee was chaired by Messrs. Joseph Tumminello and Beninate served as vice chairmen; the floor committee was chaired by Frank Morse and Les Fillingame was vice chairman.