Queens of Carnival meet for lunch _lowres

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Rex Queens. Front Row Seated: Louise Smither McDonald, Carroll Gelderman, Mary Brooks Soule Weiss. Second Row Seated: Adelaide Wisdom Benjamin, Katherine Haygood Saulsbury, Anne Charbonnet Goliwas. Back Row Standing: Elizabeth Nolan Walsh, Ashbrooke Tullis, Elinor Bright, Katherine Ballard Werner, Delia Hardie, Claudia Fitz-Hugh Kelleher, Linda Monroe, Elizabeth Burke Landry, Katherine Waters Gelderman, Cameron Kock Mayer, Tina Freeman Woollam, Anna LeCorgne Schaefer, Amelie Brown, Ransdell Grace Prieur, Katy Reily Roubion, Niquette Kearney, Ellen Logan, Dottee Dupuy Gwin, Mary Stewart Smallpage Bailey, Shelby Westfeldt Mills, Elizabeth Kelleher Roberts, Marley Eastman LeBourgeois, Annie Sarpy Phillips, Henrietta Clay

Former queens of Carnival, consorts of Rex, gathered Wednesday for their annual luncheon at Antoine’s Restaurant. They included Mary Brooks Soule Weiss, who reigned in 1950; Louise Smither (Mrs. Denis H.) McDonald, the 50-year anniversary queen; and Carroll Irene Gelderman, the 2014 queen. In addition, there were Mrs. Edward B. Benjamin Jr., Linda Logan Monroe, Claudia Fitz-Hugh Kelleher, Delia Lane Hardie, Henrietta Creevy Clay, Mrs. Philip Woollam, Mrs. Julius Henry Walsh Jr., Mrs. Charles B. Mayer, Mrs. Michael Dodt Landry, Mrs. G. Anthony Gelderman III, Elinor Bright, Mrs. David Gunn Bailey, Deborah Ashbrooke Tullis, Mrs. John Donelson Werner, Mrs. William J. Goliwas Jr., Mrs. Nash Charles Roberts IV, Mrs. Nathaniel P. Phillips III, Mrs. Michael LeBourgeois, Mrs. William Michael Prieur, Mrs. Oscar M. Gwin IV, Niquette LaCour Kearney, Mrs. Dennis Anthony Roubion, Mrs. John David Mills, Mrs. Albert O. Saulsbury IV, Mrs. Wallace Emile Schaefer III, Ellen Rogers Logan, and Amelie Munro Brown.