Transfers for Jan. 4-10


Colonial Club Drive 838: $297,000, Seabrook Investments LLC to Blake E. Breaux and Hannah Breaux.

Evangeline Trace condo, unit 312: Donation, Carl W. Anderson to Cathy M. Anderson.

Hickory Ave. 1428: $365,000, Elaine R. Bergeron, Lynn H. Bergeron Jr., Michel L. Bergeron, Roberta B. Emmons and Stephen H. Bergeron to Stephen R. Pitard and Marie C.P. Pitard.

Plauche Industrial Park subdivision, lot 14B1-1, square 1: $940,000, Lori Herbert to Business Property LLC.

Randolph St. 644: $175,000, Bruce J. Brignac, Joseph P. Brignac Jr., Jacqueline A. Brignac and Wanda M.B. Miller to Timmy J. Sims and Kelly D. Sims.

Ravan Ave. 51: Donation, Glenn P. Miano to Toni Bordonaro and Dee Thibodeaux.


Jefferson Heights Ave. 300: $92,000, Melvin T. Bailey to Patrick J. Oneill and Rosalinda G. Oneill.

Karen Ave. 4423: $255,000, Kristen Y. McCarty to People Speak LLC.

Lelia Place 3817: $260,000, Richardson A. Vallejo and Dazarene R. Vallejo to Craig R. Caliva.

Rio Vista Court subdivision, lot 8A: $110,000, Rio Vista Homes Inc. to Lauren Daray, Brian D. Daray and Lauren D. Siggio.


Avant Garde Circle 216: $133,500, Kel Sea Adventures LLC to Meryl M. Rosenbloom.

California Ave. 4013: $122,996, Bank of America National Association to secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Chateau Mouton Drive 101: $298,000, Beverly C.S. Russell to Mu D. Chao and Suming Wang.

Colorado Ave. 3910: $100,000, Tracy K. Breaux to Gloria B. Gonzalez, Dale J. Kessler and Gloria G. Breaux.

E. Grandlake Blvd. 3612: $110,000, Margoth Munoz to M&M Rentals LLC.

E. Louisiana State Drive 535: $80,000, Ronald Corkern III and Sara M. Spillman to Alexis Bonilla.

East Lafourche Court 3222: $150,000, Richard D. Zorthian to Stephen E. Snowden and Jennifer L. Snowden.

Farrar 502: $60,500, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Wilson Murillo.

Georgetown Drive 402: $74,494, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Rene Defrancesch and Damian A. Defrancesch.

Idaho St. 1918: $90,000, Alma P. Albrecht to Thomas D. Curtis Jr. and Michelle R.C. Curtis.

Indiana Ave. 3140: $228,000, Julie C. Troyer to Sidney A. Freeman III and Ariane R. Durel.

Kentucky Ave. 3009: $224,000, Brent A. Mader to Thomas A. Gerace Jr. and Kelly P.B. Gerace.

Lesan Drive 919: $107,000, Carol S. Gatzman, Myra S. Watson, Gail S. Plaistand and Roy J. St. Germain Jr. to Joseph C. Milano IV.

Minor St. 1206: $87,500, Dale K. Cordell, Cynthia Cordell and David E. Cordell to George C. East and Shelia Robinson.

Ole Miss Drive 4173: Donation, Joann M. Renz to Leslie M. Bordelon.

Spartan Lane 661: $99,000, Loi T. Dang and Hien T.K.T. Dang to Alexis A. Martinez and Christian M. Pierce.

Texas Ave. 3008: $194,900, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Anh P. Nguyen.

Town of Kenner subdivision, lot 23, square 28: $140,000, Fitzgerald Family Properties LLC to Jefferson Community Health Care Centers.

Town of Kenner, lot 5: $500, CAP Properties Inc. to Robert S. Crockem Sr.

University City subdivision, lot 5A, square 106: Donation, Dudley Properties LLC to Tyrone M. Dudley and Deidra B. Dudley.

University City subdivision, lot 6A, square 93: $93,304, HSBC Bank USA National Association to Rene Defrancesch and Damian A. Defrancesch.

Upland subdivision, lot B: $70,100, Broad Street Funding Trust I to Phillip Dziubla.

Veterans Memorial Blvd. 1415: $420,000, Business Property LLC to Wholesale Auto Group Inc.

W. Esplanade Ave. 102: Donation, Keith B. Dubois to Norma B. Dubois.

W. Esplanade Ave. 1500, unit 25C: $73,334, Ditech Financial LLC and Green Tree Servicing LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.

W. Louisiana State Drive 3728: $145,000, New Hope Community Development Corp. to Ashley A. Broussard.

Westwood subdivision, lot 53, square V: $200,000, Evon W. Blackledge Jr. and Sharon T. Blackledge to Christopher K. Voelker and Lucie K. Voelker.


32 Nursery Ave. 330: $275,000, All Bright Investments LLC and Chags Home Improvements LLC to ACMS Consulting LLC.

819 Nursery Ave. 817: $195,000, Anthony B. Stanton and Mary M.T. Stanton to Thomas A. Pileggi Jr. and Diane V. Dipietro.

Airline Park North subdivision, lot Y, square 213: $118,750, Eugene F. Ferraro Jr. and Karen D. Ferraro to Janice M. Zizzo and Eric Firestone.

Alta St. 1025: $136,050, Angela O. Chifici and Mary R.S. Chifici to Caitlin E. Duplantier.

Amhurst St. 6116: $96,964, Maria C. Stambaugh, John S. Cordero, Maria F. Cordero and John S. Cordero Sr. to Kimberly L. Gill.

Avron Blvd. 5203: $320,000, Jack E. Taylor and Kenneth D. Taylor to Theresa Nguyen, Dennis Nguyen and Theresa N. Doan.

Beverly Gardens subdivision, lot 11: $79,300, Norman A. Maunz to Roger A. Maunz.

Beverly Gardens subdivision, lot 11: $79,300, Hartman P. Maunz to Roger A. Maunz.

Blanke St. 7205: $189,000, Elizabeth H. Scharrer and Elizaeth H. Scharrer to Laura K. Hogan.

Bonnabel Place subdivision, lot 22, square 49: $5,000, Bonnabel Properties Inc. to Brian L. Crucia and Ashley D. Crucia.

Bonnabel Place subdivision, lot 26A, square 90: Donation, David J. Ulfers and Randee B. Ulfers to Joshua J. Ulfers and Allison E. Ulfers.

Bonnabel Place subdivision, lot 29, square 81: $2,000, Bonnabel Properties Inc. to Rick J. Mathes.

Bonnabel Place subdivision, lot 2A, square 27: $230,000, Robert April and Charlene April to Sylvia Hartmann.

Bonnabel Place subdivision, lot 4, square 43: $159,000, Barry J. Breaux Jr. to Errin E. Bellan.

Chetta Drive 3229: Donation, Donald C. Dupuy to Laurie R. Dupuy.

Cleary Ave. 2305, unit 104: $57,600, Soraya Kawas to Rachel E. Williams and Dane E. Barrois Jr.

Colony Road 1005: $234,500, Bryan J. Sigel and Aster B. G. Sigel to Matthew P. Crowell and Marian W. Crowell.

Craig Ave. 4724: $289,500, Juan C. Cazabon and Heather W. Cazabon to Lindsay E. Hernandez and Robert B. Marks.

Division St. 4079: Donation, Beryl Gray to John B. Landrum and Nancy Landrum.

Edenborn Ave. 3025: $785,000, Roy G. Hedrick, Eileen K. N. Hedrick, Steven E. Hedrick, Gerald J. Hedrick Jr., Gloria H. Baldwin, Cheryl A. H. Hotard, Gail H. Hulse, Toni H. Carriles and Jean H. Angelica to Darrin A. Triay.

Elmwood Parkway 4705: $366,000, Marilyn R. Bombardier to Juan Cazabon and Heather W. Cazabon.

Focis St. 1012: $167,000, Judy M. Tornabene to Kerry J. Chatelain, Marie T. Chatelain and Jessica C. Chatelain.

Georgia Drive 1108: $145,000, Kenneth J. Rau Jr. to Vonderhaar Properties LLC and Leo S. Oneill III.

Gillen St. 6300: $245,000, John D. Segreto to Joshua M. Green and Susy M. Green.

Hall Ave. 1708: $201,000, Michael A. Pardue to Paulo C. B. Figueiredo Lifetime Trust.

Harlem subdivision, lot 1, square 22: Donation, Myra Patrick to MCP 2016 Trust 1.

Harlem subdivision, lot 1A, square 41: $2,650,000, Stonehenge Properties LLC to Causeway Storage La. LLC.

Hessmer Farms subdivision, lot 131C: $100, Edenborn Partners Limited Partnership to Bayou Verret Lands LLC.

Highway Park subdivision, lot 21A, square 14: $186,000, Darla D. Mcnamara and Denny P. Descant to Brittany J. Krennerich and Nicholas A. Krennerich.

Highway Park subdivision, lot 314A1: $4,225,000, 2015 Illinois Kenner LLC to John & Sally Oliveira Revocable Family Trust.

Jessica St. 2909: Donation, Yuchen Wang to Yuchen Wang and Ying Wang.

Kawanee Ave. 4709: $225,000, Marrone Investments LLC to Emily Stretzinger.

Kent Ave. 4005: $218,000, Apryl Marrone to Melanie K.S. Kirby, William M. Kirby and Melanie K.K. Sharp.

Lemon St. 3716: $220,000, Ryan N. Nuss and Jennifer S. Nuss to David R. Lee.

Live Oak St. 813: $160,000, Judith Sintes to Judith L. Doughty.

Livingston Place subdivision, lot 15A, square 4: Donation, Craig D. Boes and Lynn C. Boes to Rachel L. Boes, Chad Boes and Rachel B. Laurendine.

Loveland St. 4533: $248,000, Shi H. Wu and Qing Wu to Pedro L. Canales and Astrid P. Bogran-herrera.

Melanie Ave. 216: $120,000, Ethna E. G. Pisciotta and Francisco J. Galeano to Louis J. Scimeca and Gloria C. Scimeca.

Metairie Court 3420: Donation, Elizabeth Oliver, Samuel Oliver, Meredith Aguilar, William Aguilar and Christopher Aguilar to Janice D. Held.

Morales St. 4705: $180,000, Myrtle Dolese to Paul M. Montalbano and Rachel A. Hamann.

N. Arnoult Road 3012: Donation, Kenneth J. Vincent to N. Arnoult Ventures LLC.

N. Hullen St. 717: $125,000, Kenneth J. Doody, Charlotte D. Walker and Cynthia D. Spence to Timothy P. Walker and Kyra N.F. Walker.

Neyrey Drive 1005: $265,000, Gulf South Development LLC to Bret N. Gervais and Ashley E. Iserman.

N. Turnbull Drive 1500: $236,000, Natalie P. Branigan to Thomas J. Piglia III and Emma C. Schulz.

Nursery Ave. 514: $160,000, Gerald P. Treadway to Bear Creek Builders LLC.

Oaklawn Drive 660: $95,000, George W. Groetsch III to Irma M. Apolo.

Old Hammond Highway 420, unit 105: $155,000, Renee Peck and Stewart F. Peck to Christopher Christopher and Theresa Christopher.

Old Metairie Place 836: $265,000, Laura K. Hogan to Ryan S. Casassa and Danielle M.M. Casassa.

Prince St. 4523: $285,000, DSYS Properties LLC to IMA Real Estate LLC.

Ridgelake Drive 3013, unit 213: $126,000, Henna Ghafoor to Adil L. Sequeira and Diane C. Baricos.

Robin St. 4633: $200,000, Donell Guichard to Bentley E. Montes.

Ruth St. 6029: $161,600, Kenneth H. Barbier and Charlene F. Barbier to Dayna M. Funck.

Taft Park 3504: $295,000, Bruce J. Landry & Florence G. Landry Revocable Living Trust to Cheryl M. Ory.

Taft Park 3912: Donation, Timothy S. Hummel and Patricia G. Hummel to Christopher Hummel.

Veterans Blvd. 3901, unit 5: Donation, Janice F. Rodosta to Pamela M. Bourgeois.

Whitney Place condo, unit 630: $68,000, Jeanne C. Marinello to Carmen A. Berard.


Douglas Drive 210: $140,000, Caliber Home Loans Inc. to secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Rensu Drive 9028: $154,500, Paula F.R. Meyer, Marie L.R. Dibella, Charles F. Reeser III, John P. Reeser, Robert M. Reeser and Michael R. Reeser to Robert H. Routt III and Alison B. Routt.