New Orleans

Transfers for Jan. 16-20

District 1

Cleveland Ave. 2504: $136,000, Bryan A. Vaughn to Scott Chovanec and Sheila A. Osborn Chovanec.

Euterpe St. 928: $620,000, 928 Euterpe LLC to Darryl T. Saunders.

S. Clark St. 438-440: $364,300, Amanda Jill Golob to Jim A. Metteauer.

S. Genois St. 537-539: $225,000, Zena Williams Hardy to Gregory Morris and Lauren W. Phipps Morris.

S. Olympia St. 538-40: $279,000, Code 2 Enterprise LLC to 540 South Olympia LLC.

S. Pierce St. 426: $347,000, Jennifer Lee Young Smyth to James C. Penney.

District 2

Argonne Boulevard 7022: $255,000, Eileen Mooney Casey and Glenn Casey to Hell Er Real Estate LLC.

Burgundy St. 411: $881,000, Marc P. Becker to Taurus Realty LLC.

Burgundy St. 940: $10, Christian Restrepo to 940 Burgundy LLC.

Canal St. 1201: $305,000, Dominique Gernhauser Bosio and Nathaniel Austin Bosio to Sarah Moseley Martin Goossen and Thomas Bayard Lewis Jr.

Carnation Lane 39; Swallow St. 39: $360,000, Chelsea Agar Accardo and Nick J. Accardo III to Constance Mary Rubin Higgins.

Decatur St. 125-127: $20,650, Bluegreen Louisiana LLC to Vacation Trust Inc.

Decatur St. 121-123: no value stated, Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited Inc. to Bluegreen Louisiana LLC.

Florida Ave. 814: $355,000, Donald D. Depp and Raymond J. Drouilhet Jr. to Lindsey Goforth Goeke and Robert W. Goeke.

Florida Boulevard 806: $450,000, Lisa Palmer Molero and Stephen C. Molero to Christian Michael Cancienne.

General Diaz St. 6810: $750,000, Kelly Regan Hess and Reed P. Hess to Eric Brose, Faith Sumner Brose.

Governor Nicholls St. 526: $800,000, Shirley D. Cieutat to Mary Lynn Beeson Trust.

Governor Nicholls St. 619: no value stated, Frieda E. Whitfield to Helen Ramone Living Trust and Helenramone Living Trust.

Grand Route St. John St. 3314: $845,500, Kerry Levine McEachin and Thomas M. McEachin to Allan Vacha.

Iberville St. 4725-4727: $225,000, Christian W. Thorne to Ashley E. Attaway.

Jewel St. 238-240: $465,000, Mary Kimball McIntosh Pretus Nicholas to James Properties Nola LLC.

Hawthorne Place 5400: donation, no value stated, David Burke Joubert to Jody Fultner Roberts.

Marshall Foch St. 6054: $695,000, Katie Marie Dutruch Kirzner to Ashley Elizabeth Shreves Newman.

Rosemary Place 5513: $450,000, Christine Nickolaus Buezo, Jose R. Buezo Jr. and Kernan A. Hand to Carol Ann Mates Desaulniers and Debra Ann Desaulniers Mates.

St. Phillip St. 2626: $335,000, Central Capital Investors LLC to Joshua Joseph Grant Bagnall.

West End Boulevard 6111: $405,000, Andrea Lawrence Brown, Andrea Lawrence Sullivan and Christopher Raymond Brown to Rachel Mahler Czischke and Thomas A. Czischke.

District 3

America St. 4401: $8,000, Hubert E. Ratcliff Jr., Latonya Ratcliff Randell, Rogers Ratcliff and Suvilla Hall Ratcliff to Kayla K. Jenkins Rodney.

Bancroft Drive 4541: $333,000, Beulah Mae Thomas Belonga to Santhipia J. Hillard Sayles and Steven W. Sayles.

Bay St. 2735: $42,697.56, Carol A. Adams and Leonard J. Adams Jr. to Otoniel Federico Perez Lopez, Thelma Isabel Ramirez Morales Lopez.

Calais St. 13125: $45,000, Felton Matthew Jones Sr., and Gloria Shelton Jones to Phuong Nguyen Van.

Cardenas Drive 4650: $51,684, JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Chartres St. 5445: $166,000, Carmen Michael Grap to Aruna S. Kumaran Buckle Meier and Lisa Marie Ricca.

Duels St. 1770: $143,000, Yvette Dapremont Bright to Bo Xu.

Fillmore Ave. 1660: $320,000, Jennifer Lynne Simmons to Christopher Paul Farrell and Paige Marie Kuhlmann Farrell.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $2,900, Patricia R. Mabry and Peter Mabry to Mara Polk and Peter Mabry.

Francisco Verrett Drive 4578: $117,500, Robert R. Guesnon Jr. to Darnell C. Charles.

Franklin Ave. 5413: $169,000, Joan Ellen Schenck to Angeni Agrawal Jayawickramarajah and Narendren Jayawickramarajah.

Gallier St. 1332-34: $36,000, Anthony McClaine to Gallier 1332 LLC.

Gallier St. 1404-06: $40,000, Flag Boy Properties LLC to First Choice Housing Investment Fund Xi LLC.

Gallier St. 913-15: $340,000, Pamela Pester to Michael J. Burns and Vicki Williams Burns.

George Nick Connor Drive 2433-2435-2435 1 /2; Havana St. 2433-2435-2435 1/2: $45,000, Robert D. Richardson to Clarence L. Richardson Jr.

Hauck Drive 4942: $130,000, Clinton L. Joseph Jr., Linnette Lamb Joseph and Vera Earls Wilkerson to Annette Lawson.

Independence St. 2115: $76,000, Rita Claire Coulon Dilosa to Jonathan Daniel Bastreghi and Victor Morsch Bastreghi.

Keubel Drive 6402: $115,000, Catherene Brown Collins and Mannish D. Collins to Andria M. Milton.

Linden St. 14021-23: $60,000, Marcus Reine and Marquise Reine Montague to Daphney Riley Foy and Errol D. Foy.

Louisa St. 1926: donation, no value stated, Iris Meilleur and Robert Meilleur to Cynthia Meilleur Sanders.

Lurline St. 4727: $8,500, LA MS Houses LLC to RBM Incorporated.

Mandeville St. 5179: donation, no value stated, Patricia Sonnier Ventress to Lonnie Chad Ventress and Tawanna Hardy Ventress.

Mandeville St. 1905-07: $25,000, Zeal Anawim Beale Trust to Brook T. Smith Investments LLC.

Martin Drive 46: $120,000, AZ Holdings LLC to Bobbie A. Hardy and Zena Williams Hardy.

Music St. 1520-22: $144,000, Abelardo Zelaya, Arnaldo Zelaya Jr., Eduardo Zelaya, Georgina Zelaya Enghardt and Jeannette Zelaya Needham to Nadine C. Kujawa Bigus and Scarlet L. Poulet Radabaugh.

Moss St. 1349-1351: $425,000, Michele Michon Boyce to Thomas Crane.

N. Derbigny St. 1813; St. Anthony St. 1701: $80,000, Anthony Joseph MacHeca, Charles Joseph MacHeca Sr., Ivy Rita Ducote MacHeca, Lynn Michelle Thompson, Sheri L. Thompson, Tessie MacHeca Thompson and Tommy Marius Webb to 1701 St. Anthony LLC.

N. Derbigny St. 3309: $86,000, Theresa Elizabeth Cabrera Pitt to Richard G. Savoy II.

N. Miro St. 1422: $180,000, John Todd Cobb to Carol Anne Dupree Ragas.

Oakmont Drive 150: $450,000, Han Ngoc Tran and Nina Huynh Tran to Harrison Doan, Hiep Doan, June Doan and Nhu Pham Doan.

Owens Boulevard 4734: $200,000, Bobby Madison, Marian Bradford Madison and United Housing Services LLC to Blue Chips & Hot Tips LLC.

Pauline St. 1016-1018: $535,000, Nola Select Restoration LLC to Ashley Estle Wilson and Chase Whitman Wilson.

Pentland Drive 4939: $120,000, Sanh Van Nguyen Jr. to Bang Tong and Tuyen Pham Tong.

Rapides Drive 1359: $349,000, Louis A. Zito Sanders and Ron F. Sanders Zito to Mark Lashley Schulingkamp.

Ridgefield Drive 7200: $140,000, Susan Warren Burns to Lashodia Enclade.

Riviera Ave. 1340: $115,000, Angel Trigs Rey and Leslie Joseph Rey to Koi Construction & Development LLC.

St. Maurice Ave. 1218: $60,000, Brunetta P. Francisco to Miranka Bladergroen Fountain.

Tanner S. Davis Drive 11400: $40,000, Alvin H. Phoenix and Cheryl Meyers Phoenix to Christopher L. Phoenix and Rosalyn Ann Stewart.

Torrey Pines Drive 161: $370,000, Alyssa N. August, Gregory J. August Jr., Gregory J. August Sr., Hannah L. Chevalier Slaughter and Kaitlyn E. August to Larry Kentrell Duncan Irrevocable Trust.

Venus St. 4762: $170,000, Fowler Property Holding LLC to Christopher Scott Fowler.

Viola St. 4801-03: $127,000, Courtney M. George to Raymond C. Hughes Jr.

Virgilian St. 4724: $103,000, Darryl J. Coulon and Jenenne Eugene Coulon to Lakiesha Lindsey.

Wright Road 5820: $388,000, Darin Cao Nguyen and Hong Thi Nguyen to Yolanda Coleman Johnson White.

$9,000, Beulah Ozenne Hatfield to Charles Joseph Hatfield.

District 4

4th St. 1919: donation, no value stated, Dustin Paul Fuselier to Adrienne Alexis Breaux Fuselier.

S. Johnson St. 2433: $25,000, Jesse J. Jones and Mary Dorsey White to James Morgan.

District 5

Blythe 3439: donation, no value stated, Barry Anthony Aubert Jr. to George Ann Kelly and George K. Lewis.

Lauradale Drive 1848: $146,000, David McGee to Shannail Marie Allen.

Memorial Park Drive 2617: $45,000, Joseph Orne Stann Jr. and Robert Joseph Stann to Luis Laino, Rubi Arceli.

Plymouth Place 3121: $125,000, Lee Thibodeaux Hancock to Michelle Huskey.

Sullen Place 4426-28; Woodland Highway 6400-6402: donation, no value stated, Minh Quang Do to Lan Thi Do Le.

: Donation, no value stated, Schwegmann Westside Expressway Inc. to Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation.

District 6

Amelia St. 2614: donation, no value stated, Beverly Harper to Jacquelyn M. Walker.

Annunciation St. 3224; Clio St. 2227-29; Danneel St. 2018; First St. 1921-23; First St. 2728-30; Hillary St. 917; S. Liberty St. 3330-32; S. Liberty St. 3334-36; St. Philip St. 1729: $67,500, Cgh Partners 2007 to Comprehensive Central City Initiative of New Orleans Inc.

Arabella St. 1107: $640,000, Glenny Parker Beahm and Patrick S. Beahm to Alicia A. Franck.

Audubon Boulevard 27: $875,000, Bol Assets LLC to Gerard P. McGovern.

Bordeaux St. 927-929: $590,000, Albert V. Walsh to Brandon Bartkowiak and Rachel Klegman Bartkowiak.

Bordeaux St. 802-804; Constance St. 4811-13;: $555,000, Kohnke Development II LLC to John C. Enochs.

Broadway St. 3113-15: $65,000, Direct Source Group LLC to 3113 15 Broadway Street LLC.

Calhoun St. 522: $550,000, Ddw Properties LLC to Casey Lagarde.

Carondelet St. 3303: donation, no value stated, Delfeayo Ferdinand Marsalis to Trena Vasser Marsalis.

Chestnut St. 4511: $355,000, David Kevin O'Donaghue to Danielle Conrardy Jacks, Danielle Jacks and Patrick Jacks.

Napoleon Ave. 3024: $160,000, David Waldheim to Amark Investments LLC.

Pitt St. 5525: donation, no value stated, Jean Paul N. Lagarde to Casey B. Lagarde.

Pitt St. 5525: $1,150,000, Casey B. Lagarde and Jean Paul N. Lagarde to DDW Properties LLC.

S. Rocheblave St. 5517: $225,000, Elizabeth Irene Ferguson Thomas and Henry Ashton Thomas II to Jodi Kamps Varela and Roberto Enrique Varela.

State St. Drive 3375: $368,800, Catherine Butler Nenninger and Daniel A. Nenninger to Carrie Binder Marks and Joseph Brint Marks.

Toledano St. 1714: $100, Dmarsalis Properties LLC to Delfeayo Ferdinand Marsalis and Trena Vasser Marsalis.

District 7

36th St. 321: $460,000, Bancroft Property Investments LLC to Jeffery Michael Franklin and Sarah Martinez Franklin.

Cambronne St. 1829-31: $328,000, Gpmas LLC to Anna C. Roberts Lack, Charlotte Scott Spearman and Stephen D. Lack.

Cherokee St. 732: $147,000, John Keith Richardson to Sheryl P. Malin and Steven Paul Mailin.

Cherokee St. 912-914: $292,000, Norma Hearn Hirota to Ramesh K. Reddy.

Hampson St. 7933-35: donation, no value stated, Jason A. Steger to Sarah Stassi Bright.

Lowerline St. 472: $847,000, Brandin T. Cooks to Joanna Haye Bertolozzi, Joanna Haye Coradin and Victor A. Bertolozzi Jr.

Marcia Ave. 5545: donation, no value stated, Lauren Leblanc Haydel to Ryan P. Haydel.

Plum St. 8906: $25,000, Charles H. Keasley, Cherie Keasley Mallet and Rose Keasley Offray to Kirk Lee Bonner.

Zimple St. 8427: donation, no value stated, Diego A. Gonzalez Grande Sandoval to Natan Marting Sandoval Gonzalez Grande.