One of the restaurants that emerged on the leading edge of the now-booming Bywater restaurant scene has announced plans to close. Maurepas Foods will serve its last meal on Oct. 5, confirmed chef/owner Michael Doyle.

“We’ve been talking about this for a long time now, and we decided we might as well set a date to close and give the staff time to make their plans,” he said.

Doyle had been sous chef of the Riverbend’s well-regarded Dante’s Kitchen before opening Maurepas Foods early in 2012. By going casual, dropping prices a notch and extending hours to midnight, the format here presaged an approach that would quickly become much more common for chef-driven restaurants around town. And while farm-to-table sourcing has become a given for a certain stripe of restaurant, Doyle’s kitchen always stood out for just how varied a perspective it brought to the local harvest, drawing from a broad swath of small, local producers.

However, Doyle said the restaurant’s business had “reached a plateau.”

“We have a great team that deserves the opportunity to show what they can do elsewhere and great farmers with amazing products to sell,” Doyle wrote in an announcement of his plans. “After three and a half years, I know how much I can pay folks, how much product I can buy and how much time I can spend with my family and it’s not enough on all counts.”

Doyle and his family own the Burgundy Street building, which had been vacant before they renovated it with their restaurant, now fitted out with a wood-trimmed dining room and large bar. The chef said this gives them options for whatever comes next.

In the mean time, Maurepas Foods will keep its regular hours until closing the night of Oct. 5.

Maurepas Foods

3200 Burgundy St., (504) 267-0072

Dinner and late night (until midnight) Thu.-Tue., brunch Sat. and Sun.

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