It’s no secret that New Orleanians love to eat. But how do their dining habits compare to those in other U.S. cities?

Google, in coordination with Zagat, conducted a recently released study on dining preferences in cities throughout the United States. The study found that people in New Orleans eat out 5.1 times per week and spend an average of $35.68 on a dinner at a restaurant, on par with the national average of $36.30, according to a news release.

Among the other findings:

-- New Orleanians tip just above the national average (18.9 percent), tipping approximately 19 percent for service.

-- The number one complaint from New Orleans diners about eating out is service (28 percent), followed by noise (25 percent), crowds (12 percent) and prices (10 percent).

-- The favorite cuisine of choice for NOLA diners is seafood (20 percent), followed by Italian (16 percent) and American (15 percent).

-- 31 percent of New Orleans residents make restaurant reservations online, while 46 percent prefer to phone the restaurant.

-- 62 percent of New Orleans residents think that using cellphones at the table is OK in moderation, whereas 32 percent believe it is completely unacceptable. Only 4 percent think it is perfectly acceptable.

-- 90 percent of New Orleans diners have planned or would plan a getaway to eat at a specific restaurant.

-- The top dining deal-breakers in New Orleans are communal tables (41 percent), cash-only (39 percent), no a la carte options (26 percent) and jacket requirements (21 percent).

-- 79 percent of New Orleans respondents consider themselves foodies.

See all of the results from the study here.