The Krewe of Hermes celebrated its 79th annual ball Thursday at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans Hotel.

For 2018, Hermes, the emissary and messenger of the Greek gods of mythology, marked the 300th anniversary of the founding of New Orleans. In honor of the occasion, the parade will pay tribute with the theme “New Orleans Arts and Letters.” This colorful offering paid homage to many of the artists and writers who were native Orleanians, or those whose work was here introduced to the world. Among the celebrated artists were John James Audubon, Caroline Durieux, George Orh, Enrique Alferez, Walter Ingles Anderson, Ersy and Louis Andrews Fischer. Among the writers, saluted were William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, Lafcadio Hearn and John Kennedy Toole.

His majesty, rightly proud of his historic roots and artistic lineage in Carnival, felt certain this offering would be of special interest to his krewe and devotees.

Reigning as queen of Hermes 2018 was Miss Isabel Rose Coleman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dee Coleman.

Her majesty’s maids were Misses Chandler Elizabeth Black, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Clifford Black Jr.; Claire Linnette and Katy Reneé Crosby, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ned Crosby; Katherine Sophie Diliberto, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert John Diliberto; Mary Catherine Ortemond Franques, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. André Charles Franques; and Caroline Elizabeth Perlis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Wicker Perlis.

The bearer of the flowers was Miss Ada Schoen Holmes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Holmes. The bearer of scepter was Miss Melanie Hayes DeMarcay, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. DeMarcay III.

Ladies-in-waiting were Misses Madeleine Rose Adatto, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Ellis Adatto; Laura Anne Ortemond Franques, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Franques; Darby Elizabeth Hayes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Thomas Hayes; Sally Edrington Irwin, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Murphy; Fiona Josephine and Willow Cabrini May, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. May; Cecelia Violet and Lily Marie McKay, granddaughters of Mr. and Mrs. James F. McKay III; Eugenie Elizabeth Montz, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. André S. Montz; Piper Hanley Rubin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Rubin; Elizabeth Spier Stassi, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spier Stassi; and Anna Elizabeth Watson, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Matthew Watson.

Pages to his majesty were Masters Blaise Coleman and Carter Alexandre Garcia, grandsons of Mr. and Mrs. Coleman; Javier Francisco Rodriguez, son of Dr. and Mrs. Ramon F. Rodriguez; Cooper Jack Rubin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Rubin; Marshal Christopher Serio, son of Mr. and Mrs. Steven Charles Serio; Charles Maitland Smallpage, son of Mr. and Dr. Richard Maitland Smallpage Jr.; and Jacob Anthony Valentino, nephew of Mr. Michael C. Valentino.

Returning for the ball was the 2017 queen, Miss Elizabeth Hale Rodriguez, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raoul P. Rodriguez. A bouquet of white roses was presented to her by the captain.

Guests enjoyed a champagne reception in the foyer, followed by the presentation in the Empire Ballroom and the supper dance in the Elite Hall.

The Jimmy Maxwell Orchestra provided the music for the ball. A supper dance followed the ball with the music alternating between the Jimmy Maxwell Orchestra and Jesse’s Girls.

Committeemen responsible for the ball included Messrs. Murphy, Montz, Robert E. Smith Lupo, Rick S. Rees, H. Britton Sanderford Jr. and Dr. Rodriguez.