Transfers for Dec. 28 to Jan. 3


Division of Abita Springs subdivision, lot 2-A, square 6: $116,000, Mark & Kasey LLC to Scott M. Guidry and Jamie T. Guidry.

Julia St. 23347: donation, no value stated, Wendell J. Callahan to Vandross J. Callahan.

Ketch Place 71252: $202,000, Carla Guzzardo to Malcolm D. Rodgers and Lonnita M. Rodgers.

Money Hill Plantation subdivision, phase 1, homesite 100: $95,000, Frederick H. Culver and Barbara B. Culver to Frank B. Smith and Catherine C. Smith.

Orchard Row 212: $385,500, Connie Samons Ellerbe Koon to Jeffrey Scott Russell and Bridget Paige McDaniel Russell.

Ravine Street, lot 6: $38,500, Nola Brady Walsh, Tonya Brady-Bruce and Sherri Brady Arceneaux to Micah J. Manino.

Red Gap Acres subdivision, lot 4, square 8: $18,700, St. Tammany Parish government to HD Capital LLC.


Ann St. 108: $205,000, Kenneth J. Hardy to SKC Investors LLC.

Beebalm Circle 432: $238,260, DSLD Homes LLC to Joseph D. Thompson and Erika J. Thompson.

Covington Point subdivision, lot 6: $201,000, Steven D. Cox and Ashley T. Olshove to Jesse R. Logan.

Division of New Covington subdivision, lot 19-A, square 1005: $101,600, Ginny Marie Roberts Harrison to Thomas M. Bassetti.

Division of New Covington subdivision, lot 7, square 3000: $82,000, Myron T. Benn to West 30's Redemption Co. LLC.

E. Creek Court 1013: $181,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Cooper J. Butzman and Amanda Jean Bissel.

Fifth Ave. 20329: $217,000, Ronnie J. Ducote II and Tiffani B. Ducote to Frederick A. Smith.

Fifth St. 70404: $112,500, Brandon J. Small and Julie B. Small to Jamie L. Lamere.

Flower Estates, lot 304: $238,750, Kenneth S. Gifford and Erika T. Gifford to Leslie G. Zenor and Kathi R. Zenor.

J.J. Lane 521: $205,000, Jason T. Gray and Jessica M. Gray to Michael E. Murray and Elizabeth M. Murray.

L St. 70453: $138,000, Ryan J. Froeba and Cary D. Froeba to Linda Copeland.

LaBranche Place 408: $373,420, Highland Homes of Laplace Inc. to Lawrence E. Schutte Jr. and Cynthia K. Schutte.

La. 437 78364: $180,000, Jeffrey B. Knight and Gregory A. Knight to Shawn G. Courrege and Tara Marie Gibbs Courrege.

La. 437 78364: donation, no value stated, Shawn G. Courrege to Gregory A. Knight and Jeffery B. Knight.

Mark Drive 313: $265,000, William A. Greenwald to Thomas J. Gioielli and Megan C. Gioielli.

Military Heights subdivision, lot 1-A: no value stated, Robert J. Patrick Jr. to Belle Haven 1982 LLC.

Natchez Loop 1332: $375,778, Bayou Craft Builders LLC to David B. Drake and Catherine S. Drake.

Ninth St. 70414: $65,425, Dion C. Grossnickle to Don C. Grossnickle.

Place St. Etienne 639: $272,500, Susan W. Silvestri to Kevin E. Dimm and Lindsey Raye Woods.

Plantation St. 72405: donation, no value stated, Amanda Lynn Hartman Badeaux to Byron J. Badeaux Jr.

River Park Estates, portion of ground: $600,000, GFB Investments, RB St. Tammany Investments and TJG Investments LLC to River Park Estates LLC.

S. Marigold Drive 54: $189,900, Succession of Anna Louise Dipadova and Frances Dipadova Trust to Kimberly K. Spurlock.

S. Verona Drive 192: $277,500, DSLD Homes LLC to Randal M. Thompson and Kristene M. Thompson.

Section 15, township 6 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Terence P. Ryan Sr. to Scott Ryan.

Section 15, township 6 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Terence P. Ryan Sr. to Terence P. Ryan Jr.

Section 7, township 6 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: $30,000, Southern Oaks Properties Inc. to Glynn E. Huhn and Julie M. Huhn.

W. 12th Ave. 227: $150,000, Constance Tant Davis to Eustis Gingerbread House LLC.

Watercross Estates, phase 1-A, lot 92: $75,000, Watercross Development LLC to Gerken Homes Inc.

Watercross subdivision, phase 1-A, lot 100: $65,000, Watercross Development LLC to Varuso Homes LLC.

Woodsprings Court 875: $235,000, Carter E. Chotin and Nicole B. Chotin to Jeffrey J. Steen and Emily Steen.

Zeta Ave. 74324: $165,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Robert S. Schultis II.


La. 1077 12140: $800,000, Fred M. Baker and Kathleen B. Baker to Steven M. Goldring and Gene R. Goldring.

N. Factory Road 84461: donation, no value stated, Robert J. Wiener to Leslie U. Callaway.

Section 19, township 5 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: $95,000, Katherine Mouton Moise to Gary Claret and Anne C. Claret.

Section 33, township 4 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Linda M. Michel to Shannon Simmons O'Bryant.

Section 40, township 4 south, ranges 9, 10, portion of ground: $167,311, Laurie Bickham Burris to Rogers Land Holdings LLC.

Section 9, township 5 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: $306,300, Ruth C. Rongone and Ronald L. Rongone Trust to Barney L. Core and Regina B. Core.


Moss Drive 61185: $171,000, Succession of Elenora Z. Lagarde Laurent and succession of Roy Pierre Laurent to Bryan Lefler and Celena Lefler.

Raymond Road 62173: $170,000, David M. Sharp to Maria V. Barahona.


Autumn Creek no. 2 subdivision, phase 2-A, lot S: $245,000, Darling Design Homes Inc. to Julie Anne Tennant.

Autumn Place 826: $367,500, Michael D. Neill, Cathy Sue Neill Gibbons and Barbara Jean Neill Dooley to James Brent Seward and Mary Blaine Davidson Seward.

English Oak Drive 729: $249,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Glynn Woodall Jr. and Annie A. Woodall.

Grand Oaks Drive 224: donation, no value stated, Brian J. Girardot to Matthew A. Wilson.

Greentree Lane 404: $279,000, Brian W. Rendall and Misty M. Rendall to Samuel B. Reid and Chasidy Reid.

Hawthorn Hollow Drive 203: $765,000, Rinaldi Builders LLC to David A. Oriol and Elysha K. Oriol.

Live Oak Hills subdivision, lot 1, square 9: $122,500, Resource Bank to David A. Hallner.

Madisonville on the Lake subdivision, phase 1, lot 39: $60,000, David O. Burckell and Kirsten C. Burckell to Paul C. Tusa and Mary Ann Glynn Tusa.

Olde Town subdivision, lot 10: $88,500, Michael G. Sunseri to David E. Parker and Janelle Pearce Parker.

Poe St. 126: $150,000, SMB Construction LLC to Shannon B. Liggio.

Section 11, township 7 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $100, Ann C. Sinclair to Robert C. Sinclair Trust, William L. Sinclair, Barry C. Sinclair and Alan N. Sinclair.

Sections 3, 4, township 7 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $1,000, St. Tammany Parish Development District to Champagne Beverage Co. Inc.

Spring Haven Lane 1029: $378,000, Darling Design Homes Inc. to Wesley P. Toups and Katie L. Hovis.


Beau Chene Drive 544: $329,000, Arianne Angelle Unkauf Naquin to Kevin P. Levy and Casey S. Levy.

Belle Maison subdivision, lot 3, square 242: $65,000, Darling Design Homes Inc. to KPM Construction LC.

Cherry Creek Drive 128: $270,000, Champion Mortgage Co. to Shawn Burst and Meredith D. Burst.

Deer Run subdivision, lot 8-B, square 3: $32,000, Russell L. Yates and Cynthia C. Yates to Phillip Gabriel III and Sherry S. Gabriel.

Delta Drive 259: $518,000, James E. Schlottman and Gianna Z. Schlottman to Daniel E. Booker and April M. Booker.

Destin St. 1909: $270,000, Elaine S. Strahan to Michelle E.S. Cookmeyer.

Forest Green Drive 60: no value stated, Sarah Til Johnson Yoshizato to Kenn Yoshizato.

Grande Maison subdivision, phase 3-A, lot 202: $79,000, Grande Maison Development LLC to Turnkey Homes LLC.

Heather Drive 269: $231,818, Don H. Chon to Johannes M. Hacker.

Hector St. 19169: $280,000, Mark A. Benfatti and Donna G. Benfatti to Wesley A. Phillpott and Dana E. Vicknair.

Lafitte Court 308: $294,000, Michael Cuccia and Lisa R. Cuccia to James M. Arnold and Claire M. Manchester.

Lafitte St. 1148: $152,000, Julie Sanderson LeMaire, Georgette Sanderson Camet, Sherri Sanderson Dragon, Heidi Sanderson Mulé and Kali Sanderson Cook to Elizabeth Sanderson Ezell.

Lakeshore Drive 324: $343,170, Sherman D. Levey and Helen C. Levey Kline to James Wray and Claudia Miller.

Mulberry Ave. 100, 120: $1,410,000, Raymond J. Brandt to Leonard C. Quick and Siiri W. Quick.

N. Laura Drive 395: $379,000, Warren J. Stockstill III to Heath E. Jones and Amanda S. Jones.

Penrose St. 1437: donation, no value stated, Rachel Bieller Welch to Logan T. Welch.

Rapatel St. 2159: $190,000, Ryan L. Deocampo and Kim Dung Nguyen Deocampo to Matthew C. Schaefer and Gerilyn Dallman.

Rue Chinon 1151: $405,000, Paul S. Jones and Katherine D. Jones to John J. Columbia and Jennifer S. Columbia.

Sandra Del Mar Drive 161, Unit 13-2: $60,000, Lynda Hendrickson Wartelle to Jason M. DiCarlo.

Section 38, township 7 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: $1,350,000, NC 1810 LLC to Briggs of N. Causeway Property LLC.

Town of Mandeville, portion of ground: $40,000, MAB Holdings LLC to Affordable Homes & Land LLC.

Town of Mandeville, portion of ground: $125,000, Blue Rooster LLC to MAB Holdings LLC.

Water Oak Lane 417: $115,000, donation, William Kirk to William Kirk and Bernice R. Kirk.


Alton subdivision, lot 2, square 30: $100, Jolie Maison Development Co. LLC to RAH Associates Inc.

Berkshire Drive 1129: $205,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Maria L. Rothschild.

E. Summerfield Loop 224: $330,000, Coast Builders LLC to Richard J. Amato and Susan B. Amato.

Fifth St. 505: $81,225, Caliber Home Loans Inc. to One More Brick Enterprises LLC.

Fifth St. 505: $81,225, Caliber Home Loans Inc. to One More Brick Enterprises LLC.

La. 41 70268: $162,500, Lender Ventures LLC to Gary T. Singletary.

Sections 23, 24, township 8 south, range 14 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Myrtis Bannister to Mary Cooper Claude.

Summerfield Loop N. 311: $327,200, Coast Builders LLC to Scott H. Moore and Tammie Moore.


Adm. Nelson Drive 1801: $141,500, Gloria Greer Verges to Mohammad A. Khan and Saima H. Mehr.

Adm. Nelson Drive 1801: donation, no value stated, Jason M. Verges to Gloria G. Verges.

Annette Drive 109: $215,000, Marion Richardson Alleman to Elizabeth Allemen Bulot.

Autumn Lakes subdivision, phase 1, lot 26: $270,000, Michael Neely to Donald A. Cannon Jr. and Kelli W. Cannon.

Briarwood St. 1457: $30,015, Adair Holdings LLC to Marlstone Inc.

Bridge Drive 3400: $66,075, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank National Association to J&E Properties LLC.

Camden St. 219: $215,000, Joseph D. Lovering and Jessica L. Swaney Lovering to James L. Hawkinson and Jane M. Hawkinson.

Cardinal Drive 241: $70,000, John P. Billiot and Susan D. Billiot to Casey D. Brooks and Rachel E. Brooks.

Chateau Estates, phase 2, lot 48: $23,000, Succession of Don Larry Landry to Stanley J. Krantz III.

E. Ashton Court 1374: $295,000, Dale Lawrence to Gabriel L. Saenz and Nicole C. Saenz.

E. Blue Jay Court 504: $325,000, Charles V. Carr, Corinne E. Carr, Marjorie R. Carr, Cheree M. Carr and Jake T. Carr to Joey C. Lamarque and Angela W. Lamarque.

Hampton Lane 1307: $134,500, Tyler William Rogers to Danielle S. Bickham.

Lake Village Blvd. 216: $130,000, donation, Darlene Smith Giglio to Samuel P. Giglio IV.

Marina Villa S. 1033: donation, no value stated, Pamela Stinnett Breland to Jeffrey A. Breland.

Ninth St. 1836: $225,000, John G. Finch Construction LLC to Zachary J. Pohto and Maria Michelle F. Pohto.

Olive Drive 411: $96,000, Danielle Osborne Laborde to Ronnie L. Pucker.

Ozone Pines subdivision, lot 17, square 1: $149,500, Kelsey Nicoletti Smith and Lisa Huett Nicoletti-Wack to Degha Fongod.

Ozone Pines subdivision, lots 8, 9, square 5: $17,000, Ross P. Bourgeois, Lucas M. Bourgeois, Joan Marie Philibert and Judith Ann Rizan to E.J. Milligan Construction Co. LLC.

Pearl St. 4121: $95,000, Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to David J. Gomila and Virgina M. Romagosa.

Pine Cone Lane 437: $175,000, Kenneth Luke Petruska and Peggy C. Petruska to Jeannie S. Woodard.

Pine Crest subdivision, portion of ground: $885,000, Capital One National Association to St. Tammany Federal Credit Union.

Robbert Park Annex no. 3 subdivision, lot 8, square 13: $21,500, Succession Frank B. Alack and Sarah B. Alack to E.J. Milligan Construction Co. LLC.

Third St. 2128: $115,000, Chiasson Building LLC to city of Slidell.

Timber Ridge Drive 206: $68,000, James M. Smith and Dawn F. Smith to Timber Ridge Partners LLC.

Whitehall Drive 121: $124,500, Paul A. Clack to Larry Swan and Patrice M. Swan.


F King Road 83199: $141,500, Paul F. Ritenour and Melissa Ann Taylor to Cody J. Smith.

La. 41 80447: $63,100, Succession of Ralph William Price Jr. to Danny W. Gregory and Rebecca DeLong Gregory.

Section 34, township 5 south, range 13 east, portion of ground: $5,000, Kevin M. Hickman and Suzette Laine Hickman to L2TS Inc.

Section 6, township 5 south, range 12 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Adrian G. Spell Jr. to Trinisue Spell Pitre.