Mystical gods and goddesses set the scene for the evening as the Krewe of Tchefuncte held its annual ball Saturday, marking their 47th anniversary.

Coquille Sports Complex was transformed into ancient Greece with statues, columns and greenery. This year’s theme was "The Krewe of Tchefuncte Masquerades as Greek Mythology," with eight royal maids portraying goddesses.

The traditional sound of trumpets signaled the revelry to begin. The Mandeville ROTC presented the colors, followed by Samantha Goodwin singing the national anthem.

Before the entrance of the 2019 court, George Sanchez announced Parade Grand Marshall Anthony “Chopper” Leone and his wife, Judy, followed by the entrance of the captain and first mate of the royal float, Kenny and Kristy McWilliams.

Royalty of 2018 made their final promenade. King Rodney Keys was escorted by King’s Club representative Michelle Vanderbrook. Queen Marilyn Pelloat, wearing a green taffeta gown with a sequined bodice, was escorted by her husband, Madisonville Mayor Jean Pelloat.

Three trumpets signaled the arrival of King David Cooper. Wearing a white tuxedo and the traditional gold train with the krewe's logo, the king was attended by his royal page, Sidney Russell, son of Ryan and Perry Russell.

After the monarch was seated on the throne, the presentation of the 2019 royal maids began, each representing a goddess. They were escorted by former kings of the organization.

Representing Aphrodite was Savannah Hetler, daughter of Randy and Nancy Hetler, escorted by David Stein. Representing Amphitrite was Sarah Foy, daughter of Dr. Charles and Ann Foy, escorted by her father. Representing Selene was Jordan Kilpatrick-Williams, daughter of Randy and Elizabeth Williams, escorted by Roland Morris. Representing Persephone was Mackenzie Fletcher, daughter of Robert and Angela Fletcher, escorted by Jerry Lange. Representing Artemis was Taylor Broddick, daughter of Bryan and Nicki Broddick, escorted by Bill Trepagnier. Representing Athena was Kelly Stoltz, daughter of Wayne and Judy Stoltz, escorted by Bubbie Ostendorf. Representing the Muses was Julia Marcus, daughter of Steven and Lori Marcus, escorted by Fred Badon. Representing Hera was Grace O’Berry, daughter of Mark and Jodi O’Berry, escorted by her grandfather, Mayor Pelloat.

Trumpets sounded marking the arrival Queen Elaine Gardner. Her majesty wore a fitted white gown with beaded roses, crystals and sequins. She also wore the traditional gold train. She was attended by ladies-in-waiting Misses Ella Rogers, daughter of Tyson and Shelley Rogers; and Miss Anna Belle Pennington Hanlon, daughter of Jim and Susan Hanlon.

Lauren Cabera performed a Grecian dance with lighted wings of the goddess Isis.

The mayor led a toast to the court. The king proclaimed clear weather on Feb. 23, when the krewe's boat parade rolls on the Tchefuncte River. He then presented his wife, Cindy Cooper, with roses. The queen presented her special guest, Nancy Gardner Dillman, with roses.

The king and queen with the court led a final promenade, with ball committee members Jodi O’Berry, Amie Aertker, Lisa Gennaro Melton, Bonnie Dennis, Marilyn Pelloat and Iris Vacante in a second line for all.

The evening concluded with dancing to the music of Uptown Phunk.