Sargon LXX and his queen, Miss Miriam Mae Lobrano, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Joseph Lobrano, reigned over the bal masque of the Knights of Babylon in the Mardi Gras Ballroom of the New Orleans Marriott.

Prior to the ball, the knights paraded along the traditional St. Charles Avenue route under the banner “The Babylonian Pantheon.” The word Babylon means “Gates of the Gods.” The theme illustrated gods and goddesses and creatures from ancient Babylonian times. They believed in a pantheon — human forms but superhuman in powers; invisible but able to control a particular function in the universe from earth, sea and air, to the planet, sun and moon; to the rivers, mountains, cities and weather.

The tableau highlighted gods. Following the tableau was the court presentation.

Maids to the royal court were Misses Morgan Nichole Ballard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Byron Ballard; Emma Theresa Martello, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John William Martello; Alexandra Rachel Petrasek, daughter of Dr. Danny Petrasek and Mrs. Debbi Petrasek Brown and stepdaughter of Mr. Robin Brown; Jacqueline Leigh Siegmund, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jerome Siegmund; Alley Claire Wheelis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wheelis; and Rebecca Lee Wheelis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Lee Wheelis.

Princesses to her majesty were Misses Addie Rose Alexander, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edward Alexander; Sydney Claire Leopold, daughter of State Rep. and Mrs. Christopher J. Leopold; Erin Catherine McCleery, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sean McCleery; Joycelyn Carol Miller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Jude Miller

Ladies-in-waiting to her majesty were Misses Abigail Elizabeth and Lillian Clare Brown, daughters of Dr. and Mrs. John Franklin Brown Jr.; Eva Meriel and Sadie Brandt Cohen, daughters of Mr. Jeffrey Brandt Cohen and Mrs. Izzi Greenberg; Kay Genevieve Frederickson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chad Christopher Frederickson; Hadley Elizabeth Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Matthew Mary Sr.; Emily Grace Persich, daughter of Mr. Nicholas Charles Persich and Dr. Laura Esther LaHoste; and Ayushi Purohit, daughter of Drs. Sunil and Nidhi Purohit.

Pages to their majesties were Masters Leo Pipes Abraham, son of Dr. and Mrs. Eric L. Abraham; Gabriel Brandt Alexander, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edward Alexander; Callen Shea and Hudson Grant Hale, sons of Dr. and Mrs. Steven Shae Hale; and Rodrek Emilio Williams II, son of Dr. and Mrs. Williams.

An abundance of fresh, fragrant flowers filled the ballroom and embellished the stage as the gold and silver lamé drapes accented with flowers and greenery provided an elaborate backdrop for the presentation of Sargon’s royal court.

During the evening’s festivities, the 2014 queen, Miss Samantha Claire Montgomery, received orchids at her presentation to Sargon and his queen. After the ball, the evening climaxed with a gala supper dance; with music by Jubilation until the early morning hours Sunday.

General chairman of the ball was retired Lt. Col. Robert A. Brown and vice general chairman was Mr. J. Ronald Atchley. Committeemen were Messrs. Amos Cormier, William L. Danflous, Richard Derbes, Robert M. Geraci, Michael J. Haydel, Jack P. Rizzuto, Will Sigl, John A. Tessitore and Anton P. Yrle; Drs. Timothy A. Melancon, David M. Mulnick and Earl Quinn Peeper; and Kenner Mayor Michael S. Yenni.

Prior to the parade, a reception was held in honor of the queen and her court at Desi Vega’s Steakhouse.