Little Rascals celebrates 32 years in big fashion _lowres

Alicia Perret and Aidan Brantmeier, queen and king of Little Rascals 2015

“Little Rascals Look Back At 32 Years” was the theme for the krewe’s annual ball held Thursday in the main ballroom of the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner.

Presiding as captains were Misses Catherine Marie and Cecelia Zimmermann, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Michael Zimmermann. The captains’ yellow velvet costumes were highlighted with spotlight sequins, appliques and rhinestones. Their feathered collars and decorated capes depicting the theme complemented their attire.

Reigning as Little Rascals Queen XXXII was Miss Alicia Perret, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Perret. She wore a white satin gown adorned with Austrian crystals, rhinestones and beading. Her collar was embellished with rhinestones and teardrop spotlight crystals. Her velvet mantle was trimmed in white fur and ermine with the krewe’s emblem depicted on back with lamé, appliques, rhinestones and sequins. The krewe’s traditional crown and scepter complemented her majesties’ attire.

Reigning as Little Rascals King XXXII was Master Aidan Brantmeier, son of Dr. Michael Brantmeier and Ms. Samantha Mitchell. His majesty’s royal finery of white velvet was adorned with Austrian crystals and accented with silver and gold sequin, rhinestone and lame appliques. The traditional velvet mantle, trimmed in white fur and ermine tips, displayed the krewe emblem in lamé, sparkling sequin and rhinestone appliques. The crown and scepter complemented his majesties’ attire.

Attendants to the queen were Misses Annabella Rose Stephens, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis J. Stephens; Abigail Holliday, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Holliday; and Harmoni BriAnn Daniels-Pierce, daughter of Mr. Isaac Pierce Jr. and Mrs. Shalonda Daniels-Pierce.

Page to his majesty was Master Aidan Perett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Perret.

Serving as royal guards were Masters Apollo Stafford, son of Mrs. William Stafford and the late Mr. Stafford; and Joseph Warren Zimmermann, son of Mr. and Mrs. Zimmermann.

Royal heralds were Masters A. J. Vaz, son of Ms. Stephanie Maurice; and Eric Brown, son of Ms. Darria Moore.

Flower girls for the evening were Misses Shelby Adams, daughter of Ms. Erica Adams; and Anastyn and Leitan Cooke, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cooke.

Ladies-in-waiting for the royal event were Misses Maddie Lirette, daughter of Mr. Kevin Lirette and Ms. Cherie Gauthier; and Nicolina Totorico, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tim Totorico.

Prince and princess were Master Aibren Cooke, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cooke, and Miss Skylar Stephens, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stephens.

The ball’s heme was depicted in the gowns of the maids and tuxedos of the dukes. Float riders wore special edition Little Rascals costumes.

Maids presented were Misses Nya Auzenne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Auzenne; Jeanne Marie and Jolie Young, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Young; Kristy Herkes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Herkes Jr.; Madison Lydia Maureau, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wayne Maureau Jr.; Zoe Eymard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Derek Eymard; Alyssa Maurice, daughter of Ms. Maurice; and Jaia Yates, daughter of Mrs. Darlene Smothers.

Dukes accompanying the maids were Masters Jaden Cooke, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cooke; Joshua Maurice, son of Ms. Maurice; Alex Niven, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Rivas; Austin Kern, son of Ms. Susan Fontana; Seth Hartman, son of Ms. Maurice; Caiden Pretlove, son of Ms. Crystal Walker and Mr. Steven Pretlove Jr.; Ben Hoppe, son of Dr. and Mrs. Blaine Hoppe; and Charles Butler, son of Ms. Kristie Winder.

Court Jester was Miss Madeline Holliday, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Holliday,

Keeping with tradition, honors a member who has shown leadership and civic pride. Honored as Little Rascals of The Year was Joshua Maurice.

Board members, advisors and float lieutenants are Messrs. Jack G. Spittler Sr., Dr. David Cooke, Matthew Cooke, Jack G. Spittler Jr., John Tinkle, David Koscielniak, Trenton Vincent, Paul Prouet, Wayne Francingues, and George Von Wolff. Also are Mesdames Maureen Olsen Spittler, Dorothy “Dot” Cooke, Rachel Kay, Carol Metzger, Lucille “Happy” Garren, Suzanne Dummer Stafford, Stephanie Maurice, Glenice Carey, Kay Graff, Paula Ruiz, Monica Herkes, Suellen Maureau, Louise Zimmermann, Cecelia Browning, Ieasha Johnson, Jackie Williams, Mary Ellen Alexander, Christine Pellman, Monica Iacono and Miss Stacey Maurice.