I’ve been having fun trying out new food around the New Orleans Jazz Fest, most of it my own ad hoc mash ups combining different parts of different dishes.

But Jazz Fest has a few official new dishes this year - two, to be precise. Neither can be considered major additions but both are unique.

At Congo Square, Marie’s Sugar Dumplings, the Marrero-based baker known for the sweet potato turnover, added a bacon pecan square. This is a homey dessert, somewhere between pie and brownie, built of a thick, buttery crust with fine bits of bacon interspersed with the glazed pecans. When you approach this booth it always smells like a bakery. Now it has a subtle savory scent of breakfast table bacon too.

At the Kids Area, Fireman Mike’s Kitchen added its strawberry and yogurt trifle. Served in a plastic cup, it’s a frozen, icy, creamy jumble of strawberries and cake. If trifle sounds a tad unfamiliar, think parfait.

The cake is optional, presumably to keep a gluten free option. If that’s not a concern for you, get the cake.

I can’t vouch for the actual calorie count, but it tastes light and refreshing with all the cool flavors comingling.

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