The Roosevelt Hotel lobby is elaborately decorated during the Christmas holidays each year. 

The Roosevelt Hotel's rich and storied history is on full display as the New Orleans establishment celebrates its 125th anniversary. What's also on display? Stolen items from the hotel.

As part of the anniversary, the Roosevelt is offering a $15,000 package to the person who stole the most outrageous hotel item, the hotel announced on its website. The package includes seven free nights in the Presidential Suite, free private dinners cooked by the hotel's executive chef and spa experiences. The suite normally costs $1,500 per night.

Plates, matches, brass room keys and even a record from yesteryear have been among the items returned to the hotel, according to a Conde Nast Traveler report. Some matches don logos of the Roosevelt's predecessors, from the Blue Room and The Sazerac Bar. The album, Jan Garber's Music from the Blue Room, is too scratched to play, but the hotel is trying to find ways to digitally reproduce it. 

Hotel thiefs have until July 1 to return Roosevelt items as part of the anniversary promotion.