The most unforgettable productions of “The Globe Theatre” took center stage as the Knights of Sparta presented their 66th annual bal masque, staged Friday evening in the Great Hall of the Pontchartrain Center.

Wonderful costumes, lavish scenery, beautiful music, adept acting and marvelous choreography highlighted the evening as the knights delighted their guests with a pageant dedicated to the great works of Shakespeare titled "A Midsummer Knight’s Dream."

Reigning as queen of the ball was Miss Grace Kathryn Ciaston, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jan W. Ciaston.

Maids in her majesty's court were Misses Bushra Tayyaba Ahmad, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Safeer Ahmad; Shannon Barbara Garrety, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bryon C. Garrety; Whitney Nicole Hollowell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hollowell; Stephanie Lauren Lukasik, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Lukasik; Taylor Elizabeth Mobley, daughter of Mr. Jason A. Mobley and Mrs. Sheri N. Portier; and Karli Lynn West, daughter of Mr. Kerry L. West and Mrs. Kristi S. West.

Junior maids of the court were Misses Caroline Amy Blanchard, daughter of Master Sgt. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Blanchard Jr.; Amber Rose Edler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Merlin T. Edler III; and Katelyn Gloria Rickert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Scott V. Rickert.

Princesses of the court were Misses Alaina Christine and Lilliam Maia Hauver, daughters of Dr. and Mrs. Terence L. Hauver II; Aliyana Mei-Xing and Dylana Michelle Frederick, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Brandon H. Frederick; Ariel Monique Lightell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Lightell Jr.; and Alisa Marie Theriot, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chad A. Theriot.

Herald to his majesty was Master Roscoe Harrison Fell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan D. Fell.

Scepter bearers to their majesties were Misses Silar Tate Schulman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jordan S. Schulman; and Savannah Necole Singley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Singley.

Pages to her majesty were Misses Shiyanne Rosalie Green, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brandon H. Frederick; and Maylee Margaret Reese, daughter of Master Sgt. and Mrs. Louis M. Reese Jr.

Royal guardsmen to his majesty were Masters Chance Caspian Alexander and Triston Michael Gerard Jamieson, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Casey A.J. Jamieson; and Jackson Willis Page, son of Ms. Ashley L. Page.

The prince and princess of the court, representing Spartan Charities, were Mr. Brayden Michael Turner; son of Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Turner; and Miss Sara Ann Edler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edler III.

As queen, Miss Ciaston wore a princess-style gown of gold re-embroidered Alençon lace, in an overall baroque pattern. The dress was heavily embellished with Austrian rhinestones, crystal beading and seed pearls, featuring a full court train. A Medici collar of French re-embroidered Alençon lace embellished with Austrian rhinestones, crystal beading and seed pearls framed the queen’s face. Her mantle of gold silk lamé featured as its central motif elaborate appliquéd scrolls surrounding the traditional crown and double S for Sparta, and was trimmed in aurora borealis stones and crystals. The traditional handset Austrian rhinestone matching crown and scepter completed her royal attire.

His majesty wore a traditional Romanesque-style costume and carried a mantle similar in overall design, material and color to that of his queen. A traditional handset Austrian rhinestone matching crown and scepter also completed his royal attire.

In the culmination of the tableau featuring a lavish vocal and dance sequences that depicted Shakespeare taking inspiration from his muse, Puck, the captain of the Knights of Sparta was magically brought forth from the bard’s quill and ink well. He made his entrance to the delight of the audience. He wore a traditional Roman tunic-style costume of gold brocade, heavily trimmed with Austrian rhinestones, crystal and rhinestone appliqué designs and seed pearls. His full monarch cape was of gold silk lamé. A classic laurel wreath design surrounding the jeweled crest of The Knights of Sparta formed the central motif of the flowing cape. His classic Spartan helmet was heavily encrusted with Austrian rhinestones and mirrors, and topped with white triple-set ostrich plumes. As his baton, the captain carried a jewel-encrusted Spartan Laconian short sword.

Linking the generations of Carnival tradition, the junior captain then made his entrance, Mr. Brandon James Bogle, son of Mr. John R. Bogle Jr. and Ms. Piper D. Bogle, and grandson of the captain and first lady. He wore a traditional Roman tunic-style costume and cape that matched that of the captain. He also carried a jewel-encrusted Spartan Laconian short sword.

The maids of the court were costumed to represent the most epic beauties of the great works of Shakespeare. Miss Ahmad portrayed the elegance of Portia from “The Merchant of Venice"; Miss Garrety recalled the splendor of Olivia from “Twelfth Night”; and Miss Hollowell represented the beauty of Cleopatra from “Antony and Cleopatra.” Miss Lukasik characterized magnificence of Miranda from “The Tempest”; Miss Mobley mirrored the majesty of Juliet from "Romeo and Juliet"; and Miss West depicted the loveliness of Ophelia from “Hamlet.”

 General chairman of the ball was Mr. John A. Tessitore.

Honorary general chairmen were Messrs. Michael S. Yenni, president of Jefferson Parish; Edmond J. Muniz, former mayor of Kenner; and James E. "Jimmy" Fitzmorris Jr., former state lieutenant governor. General chairman emeritus was Mr. Phillip S. Lundgren Sr.

Vice general chairmen were Messrs. Richard G. Breaux, Philip F. Fricano Jr., Michael J. Haydel Sr., Pendleton W. Larsen Jr., Chris A. Lea, Wayne M. Lee, Jack P. Rizzuto, Odel P. Zeringue and Dr. Jack J. Jacob.

Chairmen of the ball committees were Messrs. Leon R. Benoit III, Brad J. Bertucci, Joshua A. Bitoun, Rob M. Brown, John G. Bruno, Michael J. Caminita III, Carson A. Cheramie, Bertram O. Courrege, Derrick J. Diebold, Earl M. Duke III, Michael J. Hadyel Jr., Matthew J. Hedrick Jr., Matthew J. Hedrick III, Bryant B. Hedrick, Robert W. Hienz, Calvin C. Hoppmeyer Jr., Herbert L. Leblanc Jr., Albert Lujan, John A. Mahan, San Nicholas, Barry P. Orillion, Charles H. Plough Jr., Jack J. Rizzuto, Walter F. Schwander, Warren J. Serignet Jr, Joseph A. Trovato Jr., Michael T. Trupiano, Franklin B. Young, Anton P. Yrle, Gasper J. Schiro and Dr. Timothy A. Melancon.

Members of the honorary court committee were Messrs. Jan W. Ciaston, Augustine T. Ciaston, David M. Berggran, Byron C. Garrety, Melvin P. Grodsky, John H. Hollowell, Leonard J. Kinler, Brian M. Lukasik, Jason A. Mobley, Gerard J. Tonglet, Roy B. Woods and 1st. Lt. Sean P. Brown.

Members of the honorary floor committee were Messrs. D. J. Galiano Jr., Brandon J. Garza, Alex T. Kapesis, Galen S. Lightell Jr., B.J. Perez, Darryl A. Schmitt, John C. Skidmore, Roy M. Cascio, Deputy Chief Charles N. Jonau Jr. and Dr. Errol P. Laborde.

Guest performers in the tableau were the Jefferson Ballet Theater under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Beck Jr. Music for the evening was provided by Maestro B. J. Perez and the Orchestre de Carnival. Guest narrator and soloist for the evening was Mr. John C. Skidmore. Lead actors in the tableau were Mr. D.J. Galiano and Mr. Brandon J. Garza.