To mark its 107th year, the Krewe of Mystery staged its annual Ball of the Roses on the krewe’s traditional evening, the Wednesday before Shrove Tuesday, at the Orpheum Theater. The theme of the ball, also carried out in the beautiful ball invitation and lively tableau, was “Mystery in Casablanca.”

The ball opened with the playing of the national anthem, followed by the arrival of the captain and his lieutenants, who greeted the assembled guests.

A trumpet fanfare then announced the arrival of the queen and her court. Wearing the Mystery crown as queen of the ball was Miss Julia Anne Charbonnet, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Taylor Charbonnet. The queen was escorted by her father and Messrs. William Manley Hines, Donald O. Collins and Henry C. Schonberg.

The 2017 queen was Miss Eleanor Grace Masinter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul James Masinter.

Honored as first maid was Miss Caroline Bailey Acomb, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dwight LeBlanc Acomb. The other court maids were Misses Whitney Caroline Appel, daughter of Sen. and Mrs. Conrad H. Appel III; Bailey Elizabeth Batt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Batt Jr., Katherine Michelle Bickham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Bickham; Alysse Elizabeth Burvant, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andre B. Burvant; Elizabeth Ann Burvant, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. John G. Burvant; Caroline Renee Christmann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Christmann Jr.; Elizabeth Macon Hamrick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Hamrick Jr.; Elizabeth Allen Texada Hotard, daughter of Mr. John A. Hotard and Mrs. Charmaine Texada Hotard; Sophia Jane Hotard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James S. Hotard Jr.; Riley Marra Kirkpatrick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Kirkpatrick; Sarah Ann McKendrick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. McKendrick III; and Michelle Marie Yacoubian, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Yacoubian.

The queen was attended by four trainbearers: Misses Virginia Lyle Capshaw, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin C. Capshaw; Lyla Dayton Gordon, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. John M. Gordon; Gabriella Anne Jensen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Jensen; and Laine Campbell Schreiber, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy T. Schreiber.

Following the maskers’ parade and the tableau, the curtain opened to reveal the Mystery king, attended by his pages, Masters William Mitchell Long, son of Drs. William P. and Anne Long; and George McKay Pipes, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Minor Pipes III. The rose-vine throne was flanked by eight tall urns filled with hundreds of Mystery’s signature long-stemmed red roses. A backdrop depicting a rose garden in full bloom completed the scene.

The queen and maids then were escorted to the stage for the grand march, following which the captain and his lieutenants invited the guests to join in call out dancing. In keeping with Mystery tradition, the roses were distributed to the ladies in attendance following the seventh dance. During the ball, a special presentation was made to Mrs. David Robert Boyd, who as Miss Suzanne Marie Carrere, reigned as queen 50 years before in 1968.

Serving as general chairman of the ball was the above Mr. Hines. Chairman of the court committee was the above Mr. Acomb. Serving as vice chairmen of the court committee were Messrs. Alan G. Brackett, Patrick A. Talley Jr. and Michael Q. Walshe Jr. Chairing the reception committee were Messrs. Oliver S. Delery Jr., and Charles T. Walsten. The above Messrs. Collins and Schonberg chaired the floor committee.

Following the ball, a festive queen’s supper was held at the New Orleans Country Club.