I’ve been eating my way through Jazz Fest, revisiting old favorites from the food vendors and also experimenting with the potential of combining items from different booths.

These mash up noshes started with cracklin’ and cochon de lait and quickly found other inspirations around the grounds. This next one is a hybrid dessert drink.

A big, tropical-yellow scoop of mango freeze is one of the classic tastes of Jazz Fest, and it can be a true boost on a sweltering day at the Fair Grounds.

It even has two booths, one in Food Area I and over by the Louisiana Folklife Village. Can it be a coincidence that both are located near stands for sparkling wine?

This stuff is sold by the can. Pour it slowly over the mango freeze, but not all at once (it will overflow). Make a bubbly moat around the scoop and start mashing it up a bit. Mash it up a bit and slurp it off your spoon, adding wine as you make room. Pretty soon you have a mango freeze mimosa to keep you cool with a kick.

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