Lionel A. Mcclean sold this home at 2120 Lasalle Ave. in Gretna to Linda Hoffman and Luke Hoffman for $220,000.


Transfers for Jan. 4-10


June Drive 184: $99,000, Pearl Homes Construction Co. Inc. to Kuwanda K. Ellis.

Kennedy Heights 1. subdivision, lot 10, square E: $41,600, Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Wayne Johnson and Yvette M. Johnson.

Ruth Drive 956: Donation, Khao V. Nguyen and Minh Q. Nguyen to Matthew V. Nguyen.


Jonathan Davis Plantation subdivision, lot 7A: $340,000, Marion F. Edwards to Gumbus Enterprises LLC.

Marvis Grove subdivision, lot 95Z: $45,000, Rickey J. Frickey and R.J. Frickey to Wanda A. Harvey.

Privateer Blvd. 2859: $68,000, Mary A. Adams, Sterling J. Adams Sr. and Mary A.A. Fabre to Steven A. Adams.


No further data: $146,500, Numa C. Hero and son to Jefferson Parish.

No further data: $108,000, Hero Wall Co. to Jefferson Parish.

Oak Ave. 400: $178,000, Matthew J. Gennaro and April C. Gennaro to Ramona Sanders.


Cheniere Caminada, no further data: Donation, Harold J. Collins and Corinne M. Collins to Collins Industries LLC.

Ocean Beach subdivision, lot 5, square H: $1,000, Robert L. Faul and Tamatha C. Faul to Tracy F. Soudelier, Shane A. Soudelier and Erin D. Soudelier.


700½ Derbigny St. 700: $150,000, Matthew J. Datri and Dee A.E. Datri to Long U. Nguyen and Kim H.V. Nguyen.

Briarwood Drive 257: Donation, Derrick Smith to Senora R. Brown.

City of Gretna subdivision, lot 17, square 22: $120,474, Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Lyle Hunter.

City of Gretna subdivision, lot B16, square 28: Donation, XK8 LLC to Leonard Family Investments LLC.

Gretna Blvd. 63: $104,000, Candace Guidry to Rebecca A. Bush.

Grovewood Drive 564: $145,000, Sylvia L. Brewer, Florence B. Welch, Mary E.S. Brewer, Kim M. Hardisty, Mary E.F. Brewer, Kim M. Bianchini, Melanie A. Scogin, Rayford L. Brewer II and Mary E. Brewer-Scott to Yanire Vargas.

Hamilton Oaks subdivision, lot 10: $45,000, Wright Avenue Associates LLC to Eancia M. Mundy.

Lake Francis Drive 1313: $253,000, US Bank National Association to Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc..

Lasalle Ave. 2120: $220,000, Lionel A. Mcclean to Linda Hoffman and Luke Hoffman.

Morningside Drive 761: $121,900, Gabriela C. Romo to Gerardo E. Cubas and Ofelia Cubas.

Stafford lots 1A 2A 3A 4A 5A 6A 7A 8A 9A 10A A1 A2 A3, square 7: $250,000, KO & VW LLC to LNL Enterprises Inc.

Timberlane Estates 4 subdivision, lot 28A, square 10: $278,000, David M. McCrea and Elizabeth A. McCrea to Demetri B. Duronslet and Rivers Galloway Jr.

Weyer St. 1205: Donation, Senora R. Brown and Cheri S. George to Derrick Smith.

Wyndham South 1245: $227,500, Lorraine B. Johnson, Nickolaus P. Johnson, Danielle E. Johnson, Robert J. Johnson, Anthony D. Johnson, David T. Johnson, Elaine D. Johnson and Lorraine Barbe-Johnson to Drake M. Nevis and Sherisa N. Webster.


Elton Road 1611: $4,550,000, Manhattan Hotel LLC to Southeastern Hospitality Partners LLC.

Leigh Lane 2317: Donation, Phu M. Nguyen and Victor P. Nguyen to Jolie Nguyen.

Macarthur Ave. 507: Donation, Joseph Chimento, Mary A.G. Chimento, Janell P. Chimento, Jake J. Chimento Jr., Mary A.C. Guillot, Janell C. Plaisance, Dave A. Chimento Sr., Christina B. Marcomb, Shay U. Bourg, Kim Bourg and Shay B. Ussery to Amy Bourg and Nuncio N. Bourg.

Magnolia Trace, square 2: $968.35, Randolph J. Bundy Jr. and Renita R. Bundy to Peggy O. Williams.

Melissa Drive 3821: Donation, Bank of America National Association to secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

No further data: $273,750, Canals Energy Park to Jefferson Parish.

No further data: $324,686, 23 South LLC to Jefferson Parish.

Oak Knoll subdivision, lot 194: Donation, Justin W. Bordelon to Maggie S. Bordelon.

S. Von Braun Drive 2271: $150,000, Anna M. Cuevas to Julia T. Le.

Sienna Drive 3060: Donation, Cyril E. Gonzales III to Destiny Apartments LLC.

Sue Ker Drive 3733: $79,900, Fannie Mae and Federal Mational Mortgage Association to Dion R. Young.


Berthoud Plantation, no further data: Donation, Paul C. Hatty to Norma F. Hatty and Paul C. Hatty.


Barton Drive 2229: $70,000, Tina D. Mayes to Tonia D. Aiken.

Bonnie Ann Drive 1741: $70,000, Johnny W. Griffin to Joseph G. Young Jr.

Buccaneer Drive 2608: $139,000, Henry C. Hill and Pearl R. Hill to Michele Poree.

Cardinal Drive 2953: Donation, Tammy B. Mercier to Northstar Investment Holdings Inc.

Carrie Lane 2509: $146,000, Sherry Whitefield, Ronie Whitefield and Sherry H. Whitefield to Johnny Diamond and Sayra F. Diamond.

Cross Creek Drive 5210: $68,000, Edgar R. Helm and Deborah F. Helm to C&W Helm Properties LLC.

Estelle Heights Ext 2. subdivision, lot 6, square 15: Donation, Jennifer M. Boatwright to Richard E. Boatwright.

Estelle Heights Ext 2. subdivision, lot 6, square 15: Donation, Jessica A. Boatwright to Richard E. Boatwright.

Evans Drive 5132: $116,641, Regions Bank and Regions Mortgage to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Garden Road 1349: Donation, Mary A. Boudreaux to Alvina B. Austin.

Isabelle Drive 2740: $45,000, Shannon C. Aucoin, Damien J. Aucoin Sr. and Shannon A. Coulon to Donna C. Juneau and Jason J. Yeadon.

Jarrot Drive 2580: $143,300, Christopher Y. Smith and Lisa B. Smith to Huazhu & Fang LLC.

Labarre Drive 300: $190,000, Angelina Mendoza to Gregory J. Buisson and Young L. Buisson.

Lee Place 5149: $135,000, Albert Minias and Mervat M.G. Minias to Erielle L. Taylor.

Lee St. 940: $132,000, Ann R. Perrin, Jimmie Rodrigue and Joey Rodrigue to Muoi Nguyen.

Marrero Addition subdivision, lot 35A, square 18: $41,000, Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Dung T. Ho, Quang S. Nguyen and Dung Ho.

Misty Meadows Drive 2600: $147,500, Christopher D. Russell to Azan Raymond and Denny J. Raymond.

Mt Blanc Drive 3017: $94,500, Mechelle P. Dufrene to Catherine P. Henry.

Sprig Drive 2621: $209,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Shantell Mitchell.

Sprig Drive 2625: $213,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Frank J. Borne Jr. and Schlise S. Borne.

St. Ann St. 1020: Donation, Trang D. Pham and Tuan Pham to Quoc K.V. Tran and Kimloan T. Tran.

W. Pearl Drive 2516: $139,900, Marie B. Zar to Kevin J. Mendoza.

Waters Drive 2401: Donation, Rose Mason to Jeannie Marshall.

Wilson St. 533: Donation, Mary A. Boudreaux to Alvina B. Austin.


Hickory St. 745: $175,000, Linda McMillion to Dawn C. Fanning.


Gambino Road 123: $40,000, Charlene T. Boffone to Britney R. Rich and Justin M. Lucus.

Helis Drive 13: $56,000, Edgar R. Helm and Deborah F. Helm to C&W Helm Properties LLC.


Ave. G 875: $60,000, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Brittany Bourg.

Kenney Drive 1330: $135,000, Ihab M. Shebli and Maha T. Shebli to Joshua A. Boudreaux and Olivia B. Young.

No further data: $2,973, Westwego Assembly of God to Jefferson Parish.

Plaisance subdivision, lot 6: $25,000, Penny G. Thibodeaux to Randy Meaux and Karen C. Meaux.

Whitehouse subdivision, lot 27, square 60: $150,000, Diana N.N. Albarado to Dylan Charlet.