by Ha'Sohn

Grade 8, ARISE Academy

I wrote your name in the pizza box

but couldn’t throw it away

I missed us having pizza together

All the way from night till day

We used to fuss and fight

But yet I still say

I loved having pizza with you

it was the only way we could play

I wrote your name in the pizza box

and couldn’t throw it away


By Maya

Grade 8

ARISE Academy

You capture my heart with your glimmering eyes like

A person catching a bouquet sometimes you’re a pain in the ---

Bum, but most of the time you’re like a kid having the time

Of your life. You make me laugh, you make me smile,

When I’m in trouble or down, you always go the extra mile.

Your imperfections is what makes you you,

Your nagging, your fussing, your screaming

Like a referee calling a fail too.

But no matter what, I Love You.

No matter what you say or do.



By Caroline 

Grade 2, Edward Hynes School

She turned into a dragon and she

was golden. I could see the jewels in her skin.

I could hear the sound of her friends cheering for

her like wind on water and encouraging her. I could feel her flat, thin

and long scales cool under my fingertips. I could feel the gold saddle and reins.

I could smell the fresh air and all of the trees

and bushes around them. I could hear the sounds

of all the dragons walking around and the horses whining.