New Orleans summer is here. You know this because your sweat-drenched shirt is sticking to your body, and all you did was walk outside.

Our challenging relationship with the summer months isn’t a new thing. As described in Richard Campanella's book, "Bienville's Dilemma," one observer looked at what was then back-of-town swampland and said, “This boiling fountain of death is one of the most dismal, low, and horrid places, on which the light of the sun ever shone.”

But we New Orleanians are a fun-loving people. We won’t be denied entertainment for a full quarter of the year! So we went on a quest to find some nice, cool fun in and around the Crescent City that won’t break the bank.

When we asked friends for suggestions, one said, “I work longer hours for fun during the summer, because my office has air conditioning.” Another said, “Just give up and go on vacation to Iceland.”

We won’t be defeated so easily, and neither will you. Here are our picks!