Advocate staff photo by ELIOT KAMENITZ -- The Oak Street Po-Boy Festival started in 2007 and has grown into a highlight of the fall festival calendar.

Some of the great po-boys of New Orleans are sopping with gravy. But the threat of severe weather soaking down the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival slated for this Sunday has spurred a change of date for the annual event. 

Event organizers today announced it would be postponed until Nov. 12. Min Yang, co-president of Oak Street Merchants, Residents and Property Owners, the group behind the festival, said the forecast was too dire to risk pushing through.

"With the big crowds we get, it's just not feasible to have everyone out there if the weather is going to be as bad as forecast," Yang said. "There's a safety concern too, with all these people on the roads and coming out given the flooding situation we have around here."

The rescheduled event is planned to follow the same format as before, with four stages for bands and dozens of vendors serving their own take on the po-boy. New this year is a $5 wristband required to buy po-boys, but not for admission, part of a new effort to improve the event's financial stability. 

Looking for silver linings to the change of date, Yang said perhaps postponing will give people more time to think about their favorite po-boys and build anticipation to this year's event. 

The event has been an annual fixture of the autumn calendar since 2007. It was held in early or mid November until 2016, when the date was moved up to October.

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