In the corner of Fat Boy’s Pizza stands a Zoltar fortuneteller arcade machine, like the one that grants Tom Hanks’ character his fateful wish “to be big” in the 1980s flick “Big.”

You might get the impression the pizza here made the same kind of wish.


Gabe Corchiani, founder of Fat Boy's Pizza, prepares to serve up slices from a 30-inch white pizza.

Fat Boy’s Pizza makes big pizza. The large pies measure 30 inches across, but the number scarcely does it justice. When you see one it looks like the whole world got smaller, and your idea of pizza got bigger. If the slice was any larger, you could run it up a flagpole and pledge allegiance to it.

Fat Boy’s opened Feb. 28 at 2565 Metairie Road.

Nothing about this place is subtle. Not the name and logo, showing an overfed dude nibbling a slice. Not the motto: “size matters.” And certainly not the pizza, which requires plus-sized spatulas and cutting boards and take-out boxes to handle.

Fat Boy’s founder Gabe Corchiani is betting that the impression they make will be big too.

This pizzeria was conceived as a family-oriented eatery, one that takes into account the big appetites of a family table and the entertainment value of filling that table from edge to edge with bubble-crusted pizza.

“There are so many families around here and there just aren’t a lot of places or they could all go together for an easy meal,” he said of his Old Metairie neighborhood. “We’re a sports family, this is the kind of thing we’d be looking for after a game or practice.”


Fat Boy's Pizza is a new family-oriented eatery in Old Metairie.

He’s not kidding about the sports family part.

Corchiani made his name at the University of New Orleans as a member its first basketball team to make the NCAA Division I men's tournament in 1987. His brother Chris Corchiani played in the NBA; their late father Gabe Sr. was a coaching legend in their native Florida.

Corchiani stayed in New Orleans after his UNO days. As a businessman, he started a gaming and amusement company and later partnered with John Georges (full disclosure: Georges owns the Advocate; he is not involved in Fat Boy’s Pizza).

Fat Boy’s is his first foray into the restaurant business, and it joins a stretch of Metairie Road now booming with new businesses, including eateries.


"Pizza Joe" shows the size of the take-out boxes for the 30-inch pies from Fat Boy's Pizza in Old Metairie.

It’s in a newly built plaza, and the restaurant was designed with group dining and casual drop-in visits in mind. There’s a long bar, and a covered patio fronting Metairie Road. There’s a separate station just for take-out and slices.

The restaurant is now developing a “team room” next door for bigger parties and a second kitchen to supply take-out business.

Eventually, there could be more Fat Boy’s locations around town.


Stromboli stuffed with pepperoni, sausage and peppers are on the menu at Fat Boy's Pizza in Old Metairie.

Besides being big, the pizza follows the New York style - thin-crusted and pliant. The menu includes snacks like wings and garlic knots, sandwiches and stomboli. Fat Boy’s also makes a (relatively) smaller pizzas of the 16-inch variety.

But it also fields a super slice dubbed the “2 Ft. Challenge.” Measuring 24-inches from crust to tip, this slice is served as part of a beat-the-clock food dare - polish one off in less than 7 minutes and you get a T-shirt; beat whatever the current time record may be and you get a $20 gift card too. The challenge is $20 to enter.

Fat Boy’s Pizza

2565 Metairie Road, 504-345-2182

Open daily, lunch and dinner 

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