The latest addition to the ever-changing array of casual food on Freret Street comes from Texas via Baton Rouge. It was also inspired by a predicament New Orleans people will likely understand, at least those you carry their cravings with them.

Will Edwards grew up in Houston and made a new home in Baton Rouge, where he attended LSU. The trouble was his hankering for kolaches and breakfast tacos, staples of his youth and common finds around Texas.

“When I was in school I just couldn’t find anything like what I was used to from back home, it made me think maybe there is an opportunity there,” said Edwards.

So Edwards went into the restaurant business and eventually build two locations of the Kolache Kitchen. This week, he officially opened the third location on Freret Street, after moving to New Orleans to develop the new eatery.


Will Edwards opened his first location of the Kolache Kitchen in Baton Rouge and expanded to New Orleans.

Like the original, this Kolache Kitchen works in traditional Texas flavors and brings a little Louisiana along also. Among the menu of savory kolaches, for instance, there’s one made with Patton’s hot sausage, and another with a house-made boudin that gives a nice kick.

Breakfast tacos, another particular envie for many Texans abroad, are quick, easy and tasty, maybe laced with a little chorizo and dabs of the house-made hot sauce.

Kolache kitchen opened in the corner store front that was previously home to Freret Street Po-Boy and Donut Shop, an early addition to the Freret Street restaurant row that closed in 2017.

The menu includes lunch tacos, sandwiches, fruit and cheese filled sweet kolaches and savory kolaches. It prepares rancheros, or kolaches filled with egg and other savory ingredients, and empanadas, including one with a very Texas mix of brisket and green chilies.


Rancheros, or kolaches filled with eggs, are a specialty at the Kolache Kitchen.

This new counter service eatery is built for quick meals, and it will eventually have curbside delivery for takeout orders.

At it’s heart though, the Kolache Kitchen is a bakery, and a bank of windows give a sidewalk view into the operation, where fruit and cheese filled sweet kolaches and the sausage-filled savory ones are prepared.

“We want to show people that we make these here every day,” Edwards said.

The Kolache Kitchen

4701 Freret St., 504-218-5341

Open daily, 6 a.m.-2 p.m.

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