How many ways can you serve feta cheese?

Greek Festival organizers have come up with a cool 10, said co-chair Ginny Zissis.

Ticking them off, Zissis listed feta tapenade, spicy feta dip, Greek salad with feta, typropita, feta fries, feta by the pound, spanikopita, feta cheese ball, feta vinaigrette, and the new grilled souvlaki chicken with feta sauce.

Feta is a salty, white, moist cheese that crumbles easily.

It is most often eaten sliced as a table cheese or crumbed into salad combined with eggs.

Other menu items available this year include the gyro sandwich with tzatziki sauce; rotisserie slow-roasted spring lamb sold by the pound; the ever-popular grilled goatburgers; lightly battered and fried calamari; and the traditional Greek Dinner featuring pastitsio, a meat and pasta dish, along with a Greek salad and stuffed grape leaves. Vegetarian plates are also available.

Desserts include a wide assortment of more than 20 Greek pastries, including baklava, galaktouriko, and kourambiedes; baklava sundae crowned with soft-serve yogurt and nuts; loukoumades (a Greek version of beignets); and fresh Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts.

The festival also offers imported Greek wines by the glass or the bottle as well as the smooth Ouzo aperitif, daiquiri drinks, pomegranate iced tea or snoballs, Greek coffee and iced Greek frappes.