America's best new restaurant won't blow you away with high-priced steak or seafood, but it does have one killer bologna sandwich — and flair that's tough to beat. 

New Orleans' Turkey and the Wolf, a quirky sandwich shop in a neighborhood between the Lower Garden District and Irish Channel, earned top honors in Bon Appetit magazine's annual "hot 10," a ranking of the top new restaurants in America.

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"To understand the weird and wacky appeal of Turkey and the Wolf, it helps to learn about its 31-year-old ringleader, Mason Hereford. Picture a cross between Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Willy Wonka—laid-back but not lazy, with the curiosity and heart of a (big) kid. He sports what can only be described as a mullet, rollerblades without irony, and uses words like “dank” and “f*#%er” with abandon," read the magazine's writeup.

"Don’t think for a second that just because Turkey and the Wolf serves its food on goofy plates or has a framed poster of a cat dressed like a sandwich that the cooking is a sloppy, intoxicant-fueled afterthought. What they are offering—wildly inventive sandwiches, salads tossed with ingredients like pig’s ear cracklin’s, and cheeky snacks like homemade Bagel Bites—is as difficult to pull off as most tweezer-built dishes found at so-called serious restaurants."

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